Black Forest Club Black Forest Lodge 29 November 2015 entries and form

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Race 4 – Mixed Open

# Colours Form Name Rating TRAINERS
 1  Cook_S_Mr 4p/p23/- BOWNTOBEBAD 40? Neil Harris
 2  The_Bradley_Partnership 5/313171- BRADLEY BROOK
44 Nicola Martin
 3  Lewis_H_Miss /p25/3411- CATSPAN (FR) 44 Helen Lewis
 4  Hill_A_Mr 221/1101- CONSIGLIERE (FR) 47 Alan Hill
 5  Thompson_G_Mr 1141/1141p- COOMBE HILL 43 Millie Wonnacott
 NR  Pike_C_Mr 7351032- DELPHI MOUNTAIN 41 Emma Watson
 NR  Buttery_B_Miss /p1/upp4- DOCTOR HENRY
38? Bronwyn Buttery
 NR  Gray_J_Mrs 5345p3/- EL LOBO (FR) 34? Sophie Gray
 9  Thomas_N_Mr /f21212u1- FULL TROTTLE
42+ Laura Thomas
 10  Drinkwater_P_Mr 44v/1146/- ILLICIT ILLUSION 38 Andrew Campbell
 NR  Pike_J_Mr /1112p12- JEPECK (IRE) 42 Kayley
 NR  Hawke_K_Ms *22p5165- MISTER WISEMAN Katherine Hawke
 13  Ede_K_Mrs 637/p54- MR CRYSTAL 37 Alexanda Ede
 NR  Evans_N_Mrs 9/upp435- OSCARGO 27? Nikki Evans
 NR  Levinson_C_Dr *p1p5p54- PREMIER PORTRAIT
Charles Levinson
16  Rees_D_Mr 36/6725- QALINAS (FR) Jane Jones
NR  Nicholls_V_Miss *u75466- RIO DE SIVOLA
Verity Nicholls
 NR  Legg_N_J_Mr p/322437- RUSH’N’ROLL 39 Nigel Legg
 NR  Orr_B_Mr *u33120- SEDGEMOOR
Alan Hill
 NR  Newman_R_Mrs 421/234u- SOBRE TRESOR
41 Chloe Newman
 21  Barnett_R_Miss 66/54u21- THE WEALERDEALER 42 Ian  Chanin
 NR  Williams_C_Mr /66334d3- TULLYRAINE (IRE) 35 Dean Coleman
 23  Pickard_K_Mr p343422u- VERTIGER
38 Ella Pickard
 NR  Knox_A_Mr /41p2120- WELSTONEDRUID 42 Robert Chanin

Preview extract

Three horses from the Alan Hill yard where Olympic Cycling champion Victoria Pendleton has been schooling in preparation for her switching saddles bid. If conditions suit, then it could be Victoria’s first ever ride on a Point-to-Point course. The Strutt & Parker sponsored Mixed Open looks to be the feature race of the day, in which the Hill team have entered Sedgemoor Express, the horse which Victoria Pendleton is anticipated to have her first Point-to-Point race ride on. Another of the Hill team entries is the eight times chase winner Consigliere. A winner of all of his three starts between the flags last season, this race could see him in the winners enclosure again for jockey Joe Hill.

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