Silverton Point-To-Point, Sunday 17th January 2016 – entries and form guide

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Race 5 – Open Maiden Race, Divison 1

#   Form Name Rating TRAINERS
1 Brace_D_Mr /pp- BENNIE O CONNOR David Brace
2  Cornes_Patricia_Miss f/- CHIP N’CHARGE Sam Allwood
3  The_Dark_Horses /50/253- DARKGESTURE (IRE) 25 Keith Cumings
4 Michael & Heather Sweetland /p- DAWN RELIEF 00 Stuart Sampson
5  Disney_G_Mr 655p47-p DREAMISI (IRE) 00? Dawn Woolf
6 Mrs J. Baskerville /fu2234-4p FORRARDON XMOOR 29? Jilly Baskerville
7  Hutsby_F_Mr_&_Mrs -p GOLDEN LOCH (IRE) 22? Fred Hutsby
8  Clark_Teresa_Mrs 3322322/- GREY DREAM (FR) 32? Teresa Clark
9  Shinton_Martin_Mr 4p3/*5-7 INDIAN LEADER (IRE) 21? Michael Bowen
10  Burton_M_Mr IRISH LEGIONNAIRE (IRE) Richard Bandey
11 Mr P. Turner, Mr J. Penfold, Mr A. Maddox & Mr S. Langdon *346666-p ON ALBERTS HEAD (IRE) 00 Kayley Woollacott
12  Cole_J_Mr /pp- OVERBURN 00 Jimmy Cole
13  Mills_G_Mr 77/2- SHADOW’S BOY 30+ Robert Llyewellyn
14  Legg_K_J_Mr p2/3f42- THE CONJURER (FR) 31 Christine Gray
15  Williams_J_Mrs *5446420- ZEPHYR Jane Williams

Preview extract

The Open Maiden race has already been split into three divisions, those to catch the eye in the first division which is sponsored by Wilkinson Grant & Co are Dark Gesture and Grey Dream.

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