Going: Heavy  

Fences 4,5,11,12, & 18 omitted due to state of ground


Confined (The Green Waste Companyloudspeaker

1 Sedgemoor Top Bid (Lee Drowne) 8-1  prom. led three out, all out

2 Iron Chancellor (Sean Houlihan) 4-9 fav progress four out, every chance last, just held

3 King’s Bench (Matt Hampton) 15-2 good late headway

6 ran; neck; 8l;  6m 34s

Owner; Paul Mann; Trainer; Joe Tickle


Ladies’ Open (Savills Cornwallloudspeaker

1 Sobre Tresor (Taylor Pook) 7-2 led 14th, stayed on well

2 Ray Diamond (Olivia Hutchings) 4-6 fav every chance til outpaced closing stages

3 Swansbrook (Hannah Welch) 20-1 lost touch three out

6 ran; 14l; 20l;  6m 29s

Owner; Ros Newman; Trainer; Chloe Newman


Intermediate (Exeter Racecourseloudspeaker

1 Robin De Souza (Darren Edwards) 8-15 fav led four out, canter

2 Always A Chance (Hector Worsley) 7-2 outpaced from 14th

3 Dunraven Royal (Byron Moorcroft) 7-2 led 10th to 13th, soon wknd

4 ran; 15l; 12l;  6m 35s

Owner; Tony & Eileen Worth; Trainer; Dean Summersby


Open Maiden (Stimson & Tiekenloudspeaker

1 Berties Way (Darren Edwards) 3-1 led 15th, soon drew clear

2 Troubleshot (Tom Chanin) 8-1 rear, stayed on well closing stages

3 Druid Spitfire (Merv Woodward) 14-1 with leaders til one pace from three out

12 ran; 4l; 4l;  6m 37s

Owner; Mike Bickell; Trainer; Dean Summersby


Men’s Open  (Mr & Mrd Peter George) loudspeaker

1 Blazing Whale (Joshua Newman) 15-8 held up, strong run three out, dvn out

2 Welstonedruid (Ian Chanin) 6-1 always prom, sustained chall last, ran on

3 Double Bank (Merv Woodward) 7-2 led til headed last

5 ran; 1 1/4l; 3l;  6m 32s

Owner; Francis Read & Ed Walker; Trainer; Ed Walker


Restricted  (Hutchinsons – Crop production Specialists) loudspeaker

1 Follow The Paint (Jo Buck) 5-2 jt fav led 15th, ran on strongly

2 Sutton Storm (Michael Legg) 4-1 went 2nd 15th, every chance last, no extra close home

3 Northgeorge (Byron Moorcroft) 3-1 rear, late headway

7 ran; 2l; 2l;  6m 47s

Owner; The Beefeaters Partnership ; Trainer; Lydia Svensson

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