Going: Good to soft / dead

Confined (Sponsor -Mid Devon Supporters)

1 Robin Dec Souza (Darren Edwards) 4-5 fav not alwys fluent, led three out, clear when blnd last
2 King’s Bench (Matt Hampton) 15-2 led after four out til next, no extra from two out
3 Pasternak Jack (Heidi Lewis) 12-1 rear til good late hdwy, nearest finish
11 ran; 2 1/2l; 8l; 6m 26s
Owner; Tony & Eileen Worth; Trainer; Dean Summersby

Men’s Open (Tozers Solicitors)

1 Double Bank (Mervyn Woodward) 13-8 fav made all drew clr three out v easily
2 Whenharrymetsally (Matt Hampton) 5-2 with leaders, outpaced three out
3 Imperial Circus (John Mathias) 7-2 in touch til outpaced & held in third from four out
6 ran; 15l; 12l; 6m 22s
Owner: John Cole; Trainer; Emma Oliver

Ladies’ Open (Molyneux Financial Planning)

1 Masterleaderman (Harriet Tucker) 10-1 slight lead from 13th, edged left flat, held on well
2 Sobre Tresor (Taylor Pook) 7-4 led til 13th, close 2nd & every chance til not quicken from last
3 Fiulin (Leanda Tickle) 4-1 chased leaders, one pace from three out
5 ran; 1l; 12l; 6m 25s
Owner; Harriet Tucker; Trainer; Harriet Tucker

Intermediate (BJ Barkwell & Sons & Lyndridge Residential Home)

1 Commanche Conflict (Sean Houlihan) 7-1 effort three out, just led next, dvn out
2 Bob The Butcher (Byron Morrcroft) 7-2 in touch, every chance two out, went 2nd last, just held
3 Paddycards (Sam Painting) 4-1 led 7th til four out, wknd & lost 2nd at last
7 ran; 1 1/2l; 8l; 6m 30s
Owner; John Pearn; Trainer; Alice Plume

Restricted ( Subaru)

1 Itchymei’mscratch (Tom David) 5-2 led three out, soon clear, easily
2 Creative Inerta (Ben Clarke) evens fav prog 13th, one pace from three out
3 Steel Brush (Matt Hampton) 3-1 chased leaders, kept on near finish
11 ran; 8l; 6l; 6m 33s
Owner; Keith James; Trainer; Gareth Moore

Open Maiden Division 1 (Devon Marquee Company)

1 Goodnitesweetheart (Stan Sheppard) 13-8 fav left in lead two out, soon clear
2 Constantine Bay (John Mathias) 5-1 not fluent, hdwy four out, every chance til no extra apprg last
3 Not So Scruffy (Alistair Harvey) 33-1 rear. left moderate third after two out
12 ran; 2l; distance; 6m 33s
Owner; Polly Walker; Trainer; Ed Walker

Open Maiden Division 2 (Devon Marquee Company for the Major AC Arden Memorial Cup)

1 Darkgesture (Josh Newman) 13-8 fav led/ disputed til drew clr two out
2 Scarborough Boy (John Mathias) 7-2 tracked ldrs, effort three out, kept on
3 Forrardon Xmoor (Vicky Wade) 14-1 led/ disputed til wknd three out
9 ran; 1 1/2l; 12l; 6m 35s
Owner; Dark Horse Partnership[ Trainer; Keith Cumings

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