Entries: Dart Vale and Haldon Harriers Point-To-Point, Buckfastleigh, Sunday 13th March 2016

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Race 1 – Members Race

Form Name Rating TRAINERS
pp//pr75-u ANGONAMINUTE (IRE) 17? Edward Darke
f1/4111-35u BEUVRON (FR) 41 Sam Holdsworth
p/ppppp-p6 DOUBLETOILNTROUBLE (IRE) 18? Deborah Treneer
*10/0p3p8-p NORTH LONDON 16? Nikki Frost
-15p5p-2p POLO THE MUMM (FR) 34 Sam Holdsworth
23/ppp-54 SYRACUSE’S DREAM (FR) 29+ Deborah Treneer
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