Entries: Spooners & West Dartmoor, Cherrybrook, Sunday 3rd April 2016

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Race 2 – Restricted Race

Form Name Rating TRAINERS
/80326-u21 ARCS ABOUND 34+ Lucy Gardner
p0pcf1-fpp BALDHU HIGH TIDE 33? Lizzie Luxton
u28-651 BETTY’S BOY 35+ Ed Walker
p33pu6-59p CASTLECOOKE ANDY (IRE) 25 Mary Geikie
64p/5p34- CIDER ‘N’ BLACK 33 Michael Sweetland
34/3f16p-p FLOOD TIDE (IRE) 33 Emma Summersby
4262-435p67 MISS WELD 25? Lee Glanville
pp1p2pp-p MORBIHAN (FR) 34? Robin Pike
/p/pRu-pp2 MOUNTAIN CLICHE 35 Nick Dawe
p3pp4pp-75 NOMANISANISLAND (IRE) 33? Lydia Svensson
2u63pp-633 PRINTING BLUE (IRE) 36 Dean Summersby
*50p/1p6-f SPILLERS DREAM 35+ Nicola Martin
21/67/-5u5 SUCKER PUNCH (IRE) 34 Ed Walker
2/3f42-421p THE CONJURER (FR) 35 Christine Gray
p8/p3182- WINTER GARDEN (IRE) 37 Reuben Chapman
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