Entries: Spooners & West Dartmoor, Cherrybrook, Sunday 3rd April 2016

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Race 6 – Open Maiden Race

Form Name Rating TRAINERS
-p A TIVERTON GIRL 0 Robert Chanin
-p ANASTASIA GREY 0 Lizzie Luxton
pp//pr75-u28 ANGONAMINUTE (IRE) 24 Edward Darke
*80p-u8 BEAUCHAMP BELLA 14? Angela Davies
-75f0 BIG DIAMOND (IRE) 23 Robert Chanin
BILLY JOHNSON Sam Holdsworth
BRANNOC (IRE) Gail Heywood
/*u-up CHITA’S GAMBLE 00? Suzanne Francis
p65/6u7-40 CLAY BOY (IRE) 21 Sarah Dennis
-3 COUNTY ROAD (IRE) 33+ Jill Dennis
/6p4p5-3 DRUID SPITFIRE 30+ Emma Oliver
*66/-p FIRST PAGE 00? Philip Rogers
63662p-p5f3 GOLD RELIEF 25 Michael Sweetland
pp-p I DONT THINK SO (IRE) 0 Nicola Martin
pp/p- PHASE TEN (IRE) Reuben Chapman
3333-u POETIC RHYTHM (IRE) 34+ Fergal O’Brien
*0pp3/3-2 ROCKINROLLDIXIE (IRE) 33+ Dean Summersby
*90p/pp/-fp SAMMY BLADE 0 Claire Cook
/fru- SANDY PARK 00? Simon Partridge
*5345p040-u STAY TUNED (IRE) 0 Zoe Hawkins
464pp-pp2 TETRALOGY (IRE) 26 Lizzie Luxton
///42-2 THE GREY CELT (IRE) 33+ Reuben Chapman
-r TIM TO THE MOON 0 Chris Cox
/pp36-f TOUCH SCREEN (IRE) 30 Gordon Chambers
/4p099-324 TROUBLESHOT (IRE) 29 Robert Channin
428-7f3 VILA COVA (IRE) 29+ Ed Walker
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