Entries: Eggesford Point-To-Point, Upcott Cross, Sunday 10th April 2016

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Race 4 – Mixed Open Race

Form Name Rating TRAINERS
5/p113f6- ACADEMY GENERAL (IRE) 41? Pat Shaw
/316p1-1411 BLAZING WHALE 43 Ed Walker
*13p/634/-p BROWNS BROOK (IRE) 35? Marie McGuinness
*4pp5-2f42 BUCK’S BOND (FR) 41? Jack Barber
p12//1-f1f CHAPOTURGEON 47 Jack Barber
25/p13f2-1 COMMANCHE CONFLICT (IRE) 40+ Alice Plume
/*335/31- DANCING OLGA 42 Robert Pudd
51032-12R1 DELPHI MOUNTAIN (IRE) 42 Emma Watson
*7/3/p//-pp DREAM CHOPE (FR) 0 Lizzie Luxton
p2/3f123-33 FOYNES ISLAND (IRE) 41 Louise Cabble
-ppf3651- LUCY’S GIRL (IRE) 36? Dan Farr
6/f356-uup41 LUNDY SKY 37 Lizzie Luxton
24u6f5-3u26 OHIO GOLD (IRE) 40 Marie McGuinness
343422u-6 VERTIGER DORE(FR) 38 Ella Pickard


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