Entries: Eggesford Point-To-Point, Upcott Cross, Sunday 10th April 2016

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Race 5 – Restricted race

Form Name Rating TRAINERS
/22-221 ATHREEOTHREE (IRE) 37+ Jack Barber
5up/7p6-523 MONGRESS BOY (IRE) 36 Joanne Sleep
04/f5p5-p62 VILJA (IRE) 36 Ollie Jackson
fu2234-4p31 FORRARDON XMOOR 35+ Jilly Baskerville
/p/pRu-pp2 MOUNTAIN CLICHE 35 Nick Dawe
5p-p264ppp ANNWYL 33? Ed Walker
p0pcf1-fppp BALDHU HIGH TIDE 32? Lizzie Luxton
7/541p8-pp BEETLE JACK 32 Sarah Prouse
-pp544u1-p ERNEST SPEAK (IRE) 32 Emma Oliver
f7/p61f2-pp MIDNIGHT HOP 31? Dennis Branton
86/7p477- THE GREAT IAM (IRE) 25? Rebecca Smale


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