Pony Racing: Dartmoor Point-To-Point, Flete Park, Saturday 16th April 2016


Written by: Lee Glanville

Pony racing kicks off the card at The Dartmoor point to point at Flete Park near Ivybridge on April 16.

Seven of the smallest ponies and riders’ will compete for the 138cm and under race, which is off at 1pm. The Gillard family have had plenty of success at the course and Fergus, 13, will be bidding for first race success on Veno Star. Ginger Wizard (Chad Bament) also loves the course. There are two sets of siblings riding – Walter and Ruby Fisher-Barnett, and Artemis and Otis Morgan, so there are plenty of bragging rights to be fought over. Molly Landau and Joshua Brown complete the field.

Five contest the 148 race, including the prolific Conor Brace from Wales on Peateoh. James Armstrong flies the flags for the locals on Song Bird and lines up with Fergus Gillard, Hamish Clarke, and Olivia Harvey.


The races will take place BEFORE racing.

138cms & under OPEN race

  1. Ginger Wizard – Chad Bament
  2. Menedh Jumping Jack Flash – Otis Morgan
  3. Molly VIII – Molly Landau
  4. Talponciau Perfect Print – Joshua Brown
  5. Veno Star – Fergus Gillard
  6. Wide Valley March – Ruby Fisher-Barnett
  7. Wide Valley Superman – Walter Fisher-Barnett

148cms & under OPEN race

  1. Hawkesfield Flyer – Fergus Gillard
  2. Peateaoh – Connor Brace
  3. Regimental Bay – Hamish Clarke
  4. Song Bird – James Armstrong
  5. Springtime Twitter – Olivia Harvey

Useful Information

Met Office 5 day forecast: Ugborough Beacon (2.1 miles)

BBC Travel News: DevonCornwallSomerset;

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