Update: Axe Vale Point-To-Point at Stafford Cross – Sunday 24th April 2016


Sunday 24th April – Race Day

No rain overnight at the course so the ground is perfect for a good days racing. The going will be GOOD

Friday 22nd April 2016

Friday p.m. After a mornings rain the going at Stafford Cross is GOOD TO SOFT

Tuesday 19th April 2016

Going is now GOOD at Stafford Cross and looking hopeful for excellent racing on Sunday

Sunday 17th April 2016

Going report from Clerk of the Course, am sunday 17th April – good, good to soft. Weather forecast is fair for the rest of the week. 

Please note the land line number for the entries secretary is 01297 551258. Entries close 12.30 Monday 18th April.

Friday 15th April 2016

The going at Stafford Cross (Axe Vale) has changed to SOFT after a fair amount of over night rain!

Wednesday 13th April 2016

Going report from Secretary and Clerk of the Course on Wed 13th is the ground at Stafford Cross is GOOD.

The Axe Vale page in the planner is missing  Jennie Salter, the Entries Sec for Axe Vale’s home telephone number and she has a poor mobile signal at home. She will take entries on her land line: 01297 551258. Faxes can be sent to this number also.

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