Entries: Four Burrow Point-To-Point, Trebudannon, Saturday, 23rd April 2016


Race Start time Link to entries and form for race
1st 13:30 Members Race
2nd 14:05 2m4f, 4-6 Yrs Old Open Maiden Race
3rd 14:40 Confined Race
4th 15:15 Ladies Open Race
5th 15:50 Cornish National Mens Open Race
6th 16:25 Restricted Race
7th 17:00 Open Maiden Race

Going Update from Paul Hancock, Clerk of Course & Acting Secretary

Saturday 23rd April 2016

First fence by the 3 mile start at Trebudannon has been taken out for racing today

Friday 22nd April 2016

Trebudannon: after some drizzle on Friday, the going is soft side of good, soft patch by three mile start

21 April 2016

The going is Good, with a couple of Soft Patches around the 3 mile start.



f = fell u = unseated rider
p = pulled up k = knocked over
b = brought down c = carried out
d = disqualified ? = unreliable form
s = slipped up + = improving rating
r = refused blkd = baulked
ro = ran out t = took no part
(c) = course winner


NH = National Hunt
L = Length
Rest – Restricted
Nov = Novice
RT – Rating
PTP – Point to Point

An up to date form guide and synopsis of the horses entered at this meeting. Form figures for up to 6 outings appear. A dash(-) is used to separate 2015/16 form from 2014/15 form. Figures preceded by an oblique (/) represents 2013/14 form or earlier. Horses marked with an asterisk (*) indicates National Hunt form. The higher the rating the better the form. No responsibility can be accepted for any errors which may be considered to have occurred.

Produced by Jeff Guyett of Westcountry Videos.

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