Stevenstone Point-To-Point entries, form guide and ratings at Vauterhill Bank Holiday Monday 2nd May 2016

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Race 5 – Intermediate

# Form Name Rating TRAINERS
1 34/3f16p-p25 FLOOD TIDE (IRE) 34 Emma Summersby
2 p2225-11332 FOLLOW THE PAINT (IRE) 40 Lydia Svensson
3 pp6755-ppp GETAWAY DRIVER(IRE) 32? Janet Ackner
4 -46f2112u GETT OF MY CLOUD 38 Axelle Wall
5 /213//25-24p HALLO DOLLY 34 Sarah Pouse
6 /3/11/rf-4 HARRY’S KAP (FR) 39+ Ray Alford
7 4232p-211p IN THE TUB 40 Tom Malone
8 *6666-p411p ON ALBERTS HEAD (IRE) 38 Kayley Woollacott
9 p112-p1156p SEDGEMOOR TOP BID (IRE) 38? Joe Tickle
10 33Rbp7-114 UPTO OLLIE 39 Sarah Pidsley


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