NATIONAL PRESS COVERAGE OF POINT-TO-POINTING RETURNS, Weatherbys Point-to-Point, Weatherbys Point-to-Point

The Racing Post Weekender, in association with the PointtoPoint Racing Company, is to publish a weekly PointtoPoint supplement sponsored by Arena Racing Company and The Jockey Club.

The PointtoPoint Racing Company (PTPRC) is delighted to announce that national coverage of Pointto-Pointing is to return in print media via the Racing Post Weekender for the coming season which starts on 27th November.

The weekly newspaper will carry the supplement, the Pointto-Pointing Weekly, which will be produced in association with the PTPRC. It will include meeting previews and reviews as well as entries, results and editorial features. The Racing Post Weekender is available from a Wednesday giving PointtoPointenthusiasts plenty of time to plan for the weekend ahead. The first edition will be available from 23rd November and include a season preview.

The supplement will be sponsored by The Jockey Club and Arena Racing Company with both organisations recognising the need for a thriving Pointto-Pointing sector in order to ensure strong foundations for the whole of National Hunt racing.

It represents a vital step for the sport in terms of wide ranging national exposure and one which aligns with the ongoing marketing strategy of The PointtoPoint Authority (PPA).

The PTPRC will look after the page creation for the supplement alongside their existing responsibilities of managing Pointto-Pointing’s main website ( and the weekly production of Go Pointing.

Commenting on the venture Andrew Carter, Commercial Director Weatherbys and a Director of the PTPRC said: “PointtoPoint Racing is in many ways the bedrock of National Hunt racing and provides an invaluable nursery for young horses and riders many of whom go on to compete under Rules.

“It is really important that the sport is given national coverage and I would like to thank the Racing Post, ARC and The Jockey Club for their support in making this possible.”

Simon Bazalgette, Group Chief Executive of The Jockey Club, said: “PointtoPoint racing is very important to the grassroots of our sport, so we are pleased to partner with PTPRC and ARC to help toincrease its visibility through this initiative. The Jockey Club is a stakeholder in the PointtoPointAuthority and each year welcomes many horses at our courses that have competed in Pointto-Points and vice versa, as well as sponsoring the Mares Maiden Series, which we consider is part of our role in acting for the long-term good of British Racing.”

Susannah Gill, Director of External Affairs of Arena Racing Company said: “We are delighted to be able to work with The Jockey Club to support Pointto-Pointing by helping bring back the weekly supplement. Pointto-Pointing is an essential component of British Racing and it is important that information about the sport is available to as wide an audience as possible. We hope everyone has a successful season when it gets underway at the end of the month.”

Mark Whittaker, Head of Newspapers and Operations Director for the Racing Post, said: “We are delighted, to once again, be supporting and promoting Pointto-Pointing through both the Racing Post and the Weekender. As the grass roots of jumps racing, rooted in local communities, PointtoPointracing provides an accessible, exciting and very social opportunity to enjoy the sport we all love. We look forward to seeing stars of the future coming up through Pointing’s ranks.”