Going; Soft

Hunt race (Moores St Wenn Ltd)

1 Air Glider (Darren Edwards) 2-5 fav led four out, comf

2 Boymann (Leanda Tickle) 15-8 disp ld, led 8th til four out, no extra

3 Dream On George (Nicl Lawton) 11-2 disp ld til cl 2nd 8th til 14th, wknd

3 ran; 12l; 15l; 6m 32s

Owner; D Summersby & N Banks; Trainer; Dean Summersby


PPORA Club Members’ Novice Riders’ (Hop Oils Ltd)

1 Karinga Dancer (Laura Thomas) 9-4 alwys prom, cl 2nd three out, led last 75yds

2 Rusty Nail (Ben Godfrey) 5-1 led 9th til 11th & agn three out til hdd flat

3 De Boitron (Stefan Kirwan) 7-1 chased ldrs, cl 3rd four out, not qckn flat

12 ran; 3l; 4l; 6m 21s

Owner; Barbury Racing Club; Trainer; Laura Thomas


Ladies’ Open (Skinner’s Pet Foods)

1 Sobre Tresor (Taylor Pook) 11-4 in touch, effort two out, dvn out, held on well

2 Start Royal (Gina Andrews) 8-11 fav led til 8th, outpaced 14th, rallied flat, just failed

3 Doctor Henry (Bronwyn Buttery) 2-1 led 9th, hdd two out, wknd flat

4 ran; head; 10l; 6m 10s

Owner; Mrs Ros Newman; Trainer; Chloe Newman


Restricted Cornish Farriers, Ryan Chapman, Andrew Daniels, Andrew Prout)

1 Chosen Lucky (Darren Edwards) 6-4 fav led four out, stayed on well

2 Pink Eyed Pedro (Bradley Gibbs) 6-1 left 2nd three out, every chance til no extra flat

3 Prine Of Poets(Jake Bament) 5-1 midfield, good late hdwy

12 ran; 1 1/2l; 1 1/2l; 6m 25s

Owner; Dean Summersby; Trainer; Dean Summersby


Men’s Open (Kivells)

1 Full Trottle (Johnny Bailey) 7-2 tracked ldrs, disp last, soon clear flat

2 Little Cornham (Lee Drowne) 9-1 prom, led / disp 9th led four out til headed flat

3 Premier Portrait (Gus Levinson) 2-5 fav held up, lot to do three out, not reach ldrs

7 ran; 5l; 4l; 6m 22s

Owner; Norman Thomas; Trainer; Laura Thomas


Open Maiden

Div 1(Stephens Scown Solicitors)

1 Come On Joey (Vicky Wade) 6-4 fav midfield, strong run two out, led & swerved flat, held on well

2 Boomtowm Knat (Bradley Gibbs) 5-1 rear til hdwy four out, kept on clsg stages

3 Fouroclock Fox (Jack Veysey) 12-1 not trouble ldrs, ran on flat, nearest at finish

10 ran; 1/2l; 1l; 6m 36s

Owner; Roy Smith; Trainer; Roy Smith



Div 2 (The Old Inn, St Breward)

1 Minim Mouse (Joshua Newman) 9-1 alwys prom, led three out, stayed on well

2 Ruby Fool (Jamie Thomas) 6-4 fav tracked ldrs, led four out til outjumped next, every chance last, no extra flat

3 Petite Rock (Jake Bament) 7-4 midfield, nearest at finish

9 ran; 5l; 7l; 6m 37s

Owner; Michael Dare; Trainer; Chloe Newman;


Confined (Cornish Mutual)

1 Before The War (Joshua Newman) 7-1 handy, effort last, stayed on strongly

2 Robin De Souza (Darren Edwards) 6-4 led four out til headed & no extra after last

3 Applesolutely (Jamie Thomas) 11-2 alwys leaders, every chance two out til no extra close home

7 ran; 3/4l; 3l; 6m 27s

Owner; Stuart Jarrett: Trainer; Ed Walker