Entries: Silverton Point-To-Point at Black Forest Lodge on Sunday 22nd January 2017

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Race 7 – Open Maiden Race, Division 3

Form Name Rating TRAINERS
BROADCLYST (IRE) Robert Chanin
p5p-u CAPTAIN KENNET 0 David Gibbs
/3u- CULVERWELL 33+ Teresa Clark
pu32/pp60- DARSI’S PASS 15 Patrick Picton-Warlow
*9000/2uf2-2 DESERT ROE (IRE) 30 Junathor Tudor
/pp63p4-6 DOTTIES POWER (IRE) 26 Stuart Sampson
-f GYPSY ROCK 0 Verity Nicholls
5pp4p26- IT WAS ALL A DREAM (IRE) 26 Dennis Braunton
up8p- IWOULDNTLIKETOSAY (IRE) 09? Kayley Woollacott
*3730/0- LUKES HILL (IRE) Amber Mathias
p/527pf-5 MICKY STARK 29 Zoe Hawkins
-32 OVERLEY CAUTIOUS (IRE) 27+ Fred Hutsby
*3p08p0- PRIVATE JONES (IRE) Daniel Bickers-Price
-p RONALDS TOFFYAPPLE 0 Kayley Woollacott
ppp- SHE KNOWS (IRE) 0 Kevin Parker
p25u- STEVAN STEEL (IRE) Janet Ackner
*58904p/-7 THEHILL OFTHE ROCK 7 Nikki Frost

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In the third division any market support for Desert Roe and Overly Cautious could be worth following.

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