Going Good
Hunt race (Sponsor; Best Western Hotel)

1 The Dapper Fox (Jack Veysey) 6-4 led two out, easily

2 Weston Lodge (Alex Muirhead) 50-1 made most til two out, no extra

3 Gary (Rex Dingle) 33-1 prog 11, every chance til wknd two out

6 ran; 8l; 2 1/2l; 6m 12s

Owner; Jack Veysey; Trainer; Jack Veysey


Restricted (Simpkins Edwards)

1 Master Tim (Bradley Gibbs) 16-1 made virtually all, stayed on well

2 Very Intense (Johnny Bailey) 6-1 handy, effort three out, kept on

3 Air Glider (Darren Edwards) 5-4 fav hdwy 12th, every chance three out, no extra next

14 ran; 2l; 3l; 6m 6s

Owner; The Llewellyn Family: Trainer; Robbie Llewellyn


Ladies’ Open (The Farriers)

1 Imperial Circus (Jodie Perry) 25-1 led til 13th & again after 15th, well clear from four out

2 Carruthers (Lily Bradstock) 12-1 good late hdwy, not reach winner

3 Third Chance (Sarah Gould) 5-1 hdwy from rearthree out, not reach ldrs

14 ran; 15l; 8l; 5m 59s

Owner; The Clown Club; Trainer; Richard Mitford-Slade


Men’s Open (Gingerland Livery Ltd)

1 Porlock Bay (Darren Edwards) 5-1 prom, led 15th, stayed on gamely when pressed from two out

2 Full Trottle (Johnny bailey) 3-1 jt fav went 2nd 15th, sustained challenge from next, just held

3 Penmore Mill (Sam Lee) 3-1 jt fav with ldrs from 11th, every chance four out, no extra clsg stages

13 ran; 3/4l; 4l; 5m 59s

Owner; Luke Harvey; Trainer; Luke Harvey


Open Maiden

Division 1 (Wilkinson Grant & Co)

1 Bogos Du Perret (Bryony Frost) 7-2 held up, led two out, soon clear, easily

2 Moreece (Evan David) 7-1 with leaders, led 14th til two out, no chance winner

3 Ollies Boy (Bradley Gibbs) 7-1 late hdwy, held in 3rd from two out

11 ran; 6l; 25l; 6m 10s

Owner; Mrs Joan Berry; Trainer; Nikki Frost


Division 2 (Pollitt’s)

1 Agentleman (Evan David) 4-1 hdwy to 2nd 14th, led three out, mstk last, just held on

2 Kintamini (Sean Houlihan) 3-1 fav tracked ldr from three out, strong chall flat, just held

3 An Tarbh Og (Gemma Sharpe) 6-1 stayed on from three out, mstk last

12 ran; short head; 5l; 6m 13s

Owner; Mrs Daphne Fear; Trainer; Robbie Llewellyn


Division 3 (Ladies’ of the Silverton Hunt)

1 Desert Roe (Richard Patrick) 2-1 fav led after four out, drew clr three out unchallenged

2 Captain Kennit (Bradley Gibbs) 7-1 chased winner in vain from three out

3 Culverwell (Martin McIntyre) 4-1 prog to modest 3rd two out, just held for 2nd place

11 ran; 25l; 1l; 6m 7s

Owner; The Our Boy Partnership: Trainer; Jonathan Tudor


Intermediate (Devon Fuels)

1 The Mexican Bandit (Sean Houlihan) 12-1 tracked ldr 15th led flat, held on in driving finish

2 Superior Fire (Sam Lee) 3-1 led 13th til hard pressed & headed flat

3 Mister Serious (George Hiscock ) 5-2 fav ridden to track ldrs two out, no extra

10 ran; neck; 3l; 6m 11s

Owner; Mrs Diana Scott; Trainer; Keith Cumings