Entries: Western Point-To-Point, Wadebridge, 5th February 2017

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Race 6 – Restricted Race

Form Name Rating TRAINERS
*23pf23-13 AIR GLIDER (IRE) 39+ Dean Summersby
ppp546-94 ANNWYL 34 Ed Walker
0/f54u/-f BRINGITHOMEMINTY 00? David Brace
/u43-p31 COME ON JOEY (IRE) 35+ Roy Smith
5163/uf-6 FIDDLEESTICKS (IRE) 34 Victoria Sleep
/p55-1 MINIM MOUSE 35+ Chloe Newman
/5321-52 PINK EYED PEDRO 38+ David Brace
431p2-474 SYRACUSE’S DREAM (FR) 36 Deborah Treneer

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