Going: Soft, heavy patches

Hunt race ( Sponsor,  Group Travel)

1 Katkolys (Leanda Tickle) 1-4 fav led from third, easily

2 Fiddlesticks Victoria Sleep) 7-4 tracked ldr til wknd three out

2 ran; 10l;  7m 5s

Owner; D&A Stephens & Mr & Mrs N King; Trainer; David Stephens


Open Maiden four to six-year-olds two miles four furlongs (Dawe, Hawken & Dodd and Jonathan Blake)

Division 1

1 Little Billy Boy (Matt Hampton) 12-1 tk lead by passing three out, ran on well

2 Ticket To Ride (Josh Newman) 9-4 hdwy to 2nd by passing three out, stayed on

3 The Pooler (Tommie O’Brien) with ldrs til no extra two out

11 ran; 2l; 12l;  5m 50s

Owner; John Collis; Trainer; Annie Bacon


Division 2

1 Culverwell (Martin McIntyre) 2-1 made all, driven out

2 The Black Squirrel (Lee Drowne) 5-1 hdwy from rear four out, kept on

3 Dark Aster (Matt Hampton) 7-1 hdwy 11th, every chance til no extra flat

9 ran; 1/2l; 1/2l;  5m 51s

Owner; Culverwells Racing Club; Trainer; Teresa Clark


Open Maiden seven-year-olds plus two miles four furlongs (King’s Head, Five Lanes, Altarnun)

Division 1

1 Spencer Moon (Byron Moorcroft) 3-1 co fav led three out, soon clear

2 Amber River (Josh Newman) 6-1 went 2nd two out, stayed on

10 ran; 8l;  Only two finished; 5m 45s

Owner; Kevin Salter; Trainer; K Price


Division 2

1 Carumba (Hannah Welch) 4-1 led from 7th, stayed on well

2 Astral Star (Paul John) 16-1 good late progress, finished well

3 Inatick (Byron Moorcroft) 5-1 chased ldrs til no extra three out

10 ran; 1/2l; neck;  5m 57s

Owner; Rebecca & George Welch; Trainer; Rebecca Welch


Mixed Open (Porsche Centre, Exeter)

1 De Boitron (Kiana James-Thomas) 7-1 handy, led after two out, ran on well

2 Master Leaderman (Harriet Tucker) 4-1 made most, disp ld three out til apprg last

3 Coombe Hill (Millie Wonnacott) 10-1 well in touch, led briefly four out, wknd two out

8 ran; 2l; 1l;  7m 1s

Owner; Mrs JP Ackner & M E Wheeler; Trainer; Janet Ackner


PPORA Club Novice Riders’ (Prydis)

1 Chosen Lucky (Rex Dingle) 6-4 made virtually all, drew clr two out, comf

2 Blazing Whale (Abbie Hughes) 11-10 fav behind til late progress, went 2nd apprd last

3 Le Clo De La Londe (Emma Watson) 16-1 behind, good late hdwy, took third nr finish

10 ran; 4l; 2l;  7m 4s

Owner; Dean Summersby; Trainer; Dean Summersby


Restricted (Jefferys)

1 Inch Rock (Josh Newman) 9-4 co fav led four out, stayed on well

2 Prince Of Poets (Jake Bament) 7-1 prom, pressed ldr two out, kept on

3 All Force Majeure (Thomasina Eyston) 10-1 chased ldrs, held in third from three out

10 ran; 8l; 8l;  7m 7s

Owner; P Gibbons, R Gundry, J Selby, E Walker; Trainer; Ed Walker