Entries: Mid Devon Point-To-Point, Black Forest Lodge Sunday 5th March 2017

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Race 6 – Open Maiden Race

Form Name Rating TRAINERS
*80p/u8p-p BEAUCHAMP BELLA 14? Angela Davies
-R CORNFLOWER BLUE 0 Patrick Picton-Warlow
/p3/- COVE LODGE 22? Kayley Woollacott
/4p-3f DREAM ON GEORGE 25? Joe Tickle
2272/- FLY WEST (IRE) Ed Walker
fp3p-32 FOUROCLOCK FOX 31+ Jack Veysey
62p/p5f322- GOLD RELIEF 32+ Michael Sweetland
5pp4p26-p IT WAS ALL A DREAM (IRE) 26 Dennis Braunton
*00- KEMICALLIE Christine Gray
/f92-p LAVENDER’S LAD 28? Nikki Frost
pf5/53-2r MIDDLETON’S MINX (IRE) 31? Claire Hardwick
-upf MISTER FIRTH (IRE) 0 Harriet Brown
*6- MY JUDGE Jonathan Tudor
-p NOBEL NELSON 0 Kayley Woollacott
/u6/66/-p NORMAN CONQUEST 10? Robert Chanin
cf/-b OLD TOWN HERO (IRE) 0 Ben Clarke
/p- POPPY TREE 0 Chloe Roddick
b/*0606/- RAMBLE ON (IRE) Kieran Price
pp4304-p ROBIN LONGSTRIDE 30 Nikki Frost
ppp-7 SHE KNOWS (IRE) 0 Kevin Parker
*p0/bpp7-p SULLIVANS JOHN (IRE) 0 Maria Lewis
/44-p TREE SPARROW 25 Camilla Scott
pp-p WATARELIEF 0 Stuart Sampson

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The P J Williams Buildings-sponsored Open Maiden race closes the day in which suggestions could be Fourolock Fox, Gold Relief and Middleton’s Minx.

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