Entries: Spooners & West Dartmoor Point-To-Point, Cherrybrook, 9th April 2017

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Race 6 – Open Maiden Race

Form Name Rating TRAINERS
/fp9u37-pp3 BERRYSMART 26? Michael Watson
pp//-p BLAZING MADONNA 0 Kayley Woollacott
/R3- BRANNOC (IRE) 33+ Gail Heywood
-525 CARRINNAGAPPLE 34 Dean Summersby
-f DOOLIN MUSIC (IRE) 29+ Leslie Jefford
p*8/p34p-p EDDIES PEARL (IRE) 19? Pauline Geering
*7p- GENTLEMAN FARMER Charlotte Hawker
p/p5f322-5 GOLD RELIEF 32? Michael Sweetland
-f5p GYPSY ROCK 0 Verity Nicholls
f6-34p2 HONEST DEED (IRE) Dean Summersby
/ppp- ICEY STEEL 0 Nikki Frost
335p-4p4 MELDON EXPRESS(IRE) 28 John Heard
pp4304-p4 ROBIN LONGSTRIDE 27 Nikki Frost
fp5242-25 RUBY FOOL 31+ Richard Mitford-Slade
p5-u7555 SCARY STUFF (IRE) 25+ Lee Glanville
pu-6u3 SOMETHINGORNOTHING 26+ Charlotte Rowe
-p THRESHING 0 Robert Chanin
/rppp-p5 TIM TO THE MOON 21 Chris Cox
3/3/43p-pp4 WAITNC (IRE) 23? Keith Cummings
/3-2 WALLABROOK 33+ Ed Walker
-73 WIND TOR 29+ Ed Walker
*37-pp ZAMMIA (FR) 12 Dan Farr

Preview extract

The Tyre Marks-sponsored Open Maiden race has attracted 24 entries, in which both recent winners Wallabrook and Wind Tor also from the Ed Walker team catch the eye. Entry Ruby Fool who has had to settle for runner up on a few occasions, deserves a win soon for the Richard Mitford-Slade team.

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