Entries: Eggesford Point-To-Point at Upcott Cross on Saturday 15th April 2017

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Race 5 – Restricted Race

Form Name Rating TRAINERS
*pf23-1322 AIR GLIDER (IRE) 37 Dean Summersby
41p8/pp-86 BEETLE JACK 33 Sarah Prouse
*442p3/-12p BLAZING BOUNCER 35 Kaley Woollacott
627-u84443 DARKGESTURE (IRE) 35 Keith Cumings
*435f4/-31 EASTERN CALM 35+ Sarah Pidsley
5163/uf-6p2 FIDDLEESTICKS (IRE) 32 Victoria Sleep
up8p-3521 IWOULDNTLIKETOSAY (IRE) 35+ Kayley Woollacott
6p51pp//-4 KENMARE BAY (IRE) 33 Gordon Harrod
*1/6/54-u5 MICKS LAD (IRE) 36 Ed Walker
*576-u513u MR JAGGERS (IRE) 34+ Kaley Woollacott
1138//244-p MR MICHANDA (IRE) 36? Sarah Tickle
u6/66/-p41 NORMAN CONQUEST 34+ Robert Chanin
/p6-221//-p O’FLO 32? Carol Lawrence
2841/*96- PRESIDING (IRE) Harriet Brown
*6435/-3723 PRINCE OF POETS 35 John Heard
*063/1/u-p2 TACKLER (IRE) 34? Marie McGuinness

Preview extract

Eastern Calm and Blazing Bouncer stand out in the TT Buildings-sponsored Restricted race both look to be progressive types, with wins at the Bishops Court and Chipley Park meetings respectively but could be ground dependent.

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