Entries: Eggesford Point-To-Point at Upcott Cross on Saturday 15th April 2017

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Race 6 – Open Maiden Race, Division 1

Form Name Rating TRAINERS
b45-332f/-p AAH BLESS 28? Carol Lawrence
-3 APTLY PUT (IRE) Richard Spencer
*/p4690- BREEZE ALONG Lydia Svensson
2p/548p-p6 CLOUDY COMA (IRE) 26? Elizabeth Scott
3-334 EVERY BREAKIN WAVE (IRE) 27 Claire Hitch
p/p5f322-5 GOLD RELIEF 32? Michael Sweetland
f6-34p2 HONEST DEED (IRE) Dean Summersby
335p-4p4p MELDON EXPRESS(IRE) 28 John Heard
0 NOBEL NELSON 0 Kayley Woollacott
pp4304-p4 ROBIN LONGSTRIDE 27 Nikki Frost
-p ROCKABAY 0 Joe Tickle
*0/bpp7-pp SULLIVANS JOHN (IRE) 0 Maria Lewis
/44-p2p TREE SPARROW 31? Camilla Scott
-p VEEDOUBLEYOU 0 Ben Clarke
WHAT A BUG Sarah Prouse

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Two divisions of the Open Maiden race follow with suggestions being Tree Sparrow and Honest Deed in the first division having run well in Maiden races.

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