Entries: Four Burrow Point-To-Point at Trebudannon on Easter Monday 17th April 2017

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Race 7 – Open Maiden Race

Form Name Rating TRAINERS
/3-3 AMIS DES CHAMPS (IRE) 24+ Claire Hitch
pp//-pp BLAZING MADONNA 0 Kayley Woollacott
/R3-6 BRANNOC (IRE) 32? Gail Heywood
/4p-3fp DREAM ON GEORGE 22? Joe Tickle
8/p34p-p4 EDDIES PEARL (IRE) 24+ Pauline Geering
3-334 EVERY BREAKIN WAVE (IRE) 27 Claire Hitch
f6-34p2 HONEST DEED (IRE) NR Dean Summersby
-PP6 NOBEL NELSON 23+ Kayley Woollacott
-P63 PISTOL SHOOT (IRE) 22+ Nicola Martin
pp4304-p4 ROBIN LONGSTRIDE 27 Nikki Frost
-p ROCKABAY 0 Joe Tickle
*000- ROXY BELLE NR Jack Barber
p45-pp5p SCARLETT PIPPIN 0 Jane Western
ppp-7rp SHE KNOWS (IRE) 0 Kevin Parker
pu-6u3 SOMETHINGORNOTHING 26+ Charlotte Rowe
/bpp7-pp SULLIVANS JOHN (IRE) 0 Maria Lewis
-P2 TAVIRA 33+ Jill Dennis
-p THE CORNISH MAN 0 Jill Dennis
*904p/-7p4 THEHILL OFTHE ROCK (IRE) 26+ Nikki Frost
/3-2 WALLABROOK 34+ Ed Walker
246/ppp24- ZIP THE LIP 34 Pippa Moorhouse

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Finally up is the Open Maiden race and of the 22 entered suggestions could be Amis des Champs, Roxy Belle, Tavira, Wallabrook and Zip The Lip. This race is sponsored by Ray Davies.

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