Going; Soft / Good to Soft

Hunt race (Sponsor – Rangemoors & Ashgrove Kitchens)

1 Fishy Story (Matt Hampton) 4-7 fav held up, led three out, easily

2 Le Clo De La Londe (Emma Watson) 11-4 finished well, took 2nd flat

3 Follow The Paint (Jake Bament) 11-2 every chance two out, soon no extra

5 ran; 5l; 2l; 6m 49s

Owner; Martin Tucker; Trainer; Stuart Sampson


Intermediate (Exeter Racecourse)

1 Honourable Exit (Nick Lawton) 8-1 made most from 6th,clear last, comf

2 The Lizard King (Darren Edwards) 5-4 every chance til wknd after two out

3 Overafrica (Darren Andrews) 8-1 3rd two out, no chance ldrs

5 ran; 6l; 4l; 6m 48s

Owner; Miss D Kenealy & Mrs E Hamilton; Trainer; Joe Tickle


Open Maiden 4-6year olds (David Pipe, racehorse trainer) 2 m 4f

1 Jabbea (Nick Lawton) 5-2 jt fav held up, challenged flat, carried left run in, promoted

2 Baltazar Du Seuil (Christopher Barber) 100-30 slight lead from three out, edged left flat, disqualified

3 Gentleman Farmer (Vicky Wade) 12-1 prom, stayed on closing stages

14 ran; Baltazar Du Seuil finished first with Jabbea 2nd, but the placings were reversed following a stewards’ enquiry.

Original distances head; head; 5m 48s

Owner; Mary Sanderson; Trainer; Mary Sanderson


Mixed Open (Simpkins Edwards

1 The Wealerdealer (Rex Dingle) 5-4 fav held up, led apprg last, soon clear

2 There’s No panic (Darren Andrews) 5-2 led 15th, outpaced & wknd last

3 Polisky (Jake Bament) 5-2 went 2nd 15th, wknd

5 ran; 6l; 20l; 6m 47s

Owner; Ian Chanin; Trainer; Becky Chanin


Restricted (TT Buildings Ltd)

1 Norman Conquest (Tom Chanin) 9-2 strong run to lead last, ran on well

2 Eastern Calm (Will Gordon) 5-4 fav led three out, every chance til no extra flat

3 Tackler (Jo Buck) 2-1 kept on to 3rd apprg last

11 ran; 1l; 2 1/2l; 6m 51s

Owner; P Tory; Trainer; Robert Chanin


Open Maiden

Division 1 (David Phillips Bookmaker)

1 Honest Deed (Darren Edwards) 4-6 fav led 15th, clear after two out, easily

2 Meldon Express (Rex Dingle) 7-1 effort three out, no extra apprg last

3 Breeze Along (Jake Bament) 10-1 led 2nd til four out, no extra from next

8 ran; 20l; 12l; 6m 53s

Owner; Little Acres Racing Club; Trainer; Dean Summersby


Division 2 (Blackdown Buidings)

1 Carrignagapple (Darren Edwards) 4-5 fav led three out, clear last, easily

2 Moonaro (Jamie Thomas) 8-1 every chance two out, soon no extra

3 Pyleigh Princess (Jo Buck) 6-1 never near to challenge

12 ran; 10l; distance; 6m 48s

Owner; Little Acres Racing Club; Trainer; Dean Summersby


Confined (Chris Hodgson Engineering)

1 Chosen Lucky (Darren Edwards) 1-5 fav took lead three out, easily

2 Katkolys (Leanda Tickle) 13-2 finished well took 2nd apprg last, not reach wnr

3 Carrigkerry (Tom Hooper) 10-1 rdn & wknd three out

Owner; Dean Summersby; Trainer; Dean Summersby