Pony Racing: Dartmoor Point-To-Point, Flete Park, Saturday 22nd April 2017

There are two packed pony races to start the Dartmoor point to point at Flete Park on Saturday (1pm). 

Ten runners and a reserve are entered for the 138 race where Artemis Morgan flies the flag for the host hunt on Jumping Jack Flash.

The course runs in the same direction as the point to point for the first time. Bejowans Bouquet (Kelsie Bielby) and Talponciau Perfect Print (Joshua Brown) both have vast experience at Flete, the other way round, with previous riders who are now established point to point jockeys, and it’s great to see the ponies’ enthusiasm introducing other riders to the sport.Walter Fisher Barnett will be keen to retain the trophy he won last year but will face opposition from his sister Ruby amongst others.

In the 148s James Armstrong and Tamby Welch represent the Dartmoor, Armstrong on Igo Zuminov and Welch on Tarka, a previous course winner. Vadlawalkover (Charlotte Summersby) and Hawkesfield Flyer (Fergus Gillard) also have form on the course.