Entries: Dartmoor Point-To-Point at Flete Park on Saturday 22nd April 2017

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Race 5 – Club Members Race

Form Name Rating TRAINERS
*1/5593p- ALF WRIGHT (IRE) 36 Richard Morgan
pp0p7-22pp AMBITIOUS PURSUIT (IRE) 37? Lee Glanville
2p/548p-p6 CLOUDY COMA (IRE) 26? Elizabeth Scott
/32424-737 COOMBE HILL 40 Claire Wonnacott
558/53p-u4 CORNISH BEAU (IRE) 29 Pam Rolf-Silvester
6Rppp4ppp DOUBLETOILNTROUBLE (IRE) 00? Deborah Treneer
*3pp-pp532 GO ODEE GO (IRE) 37 Keith Cumings
5u/088p-87p HURRICANE RIDGE (IRE) 30? Nikki Frost
2p44pup4-7 KAWANA COVE 35 Maria  Lewis
24p17/8//- MOLLAND GAYLE (IRE) 35? Robert Chanin
45R6-9p54 NED THE POST (IRE) 34 Ed Walker
p3p22p-p4 SWANSBROOK (IRE) 37 Sue Popham
61325/pp-p TOLATETOBEEARLY (IRE) 35? Chloe Newman
4564-26434 WESTON LODGE (IRE) 36 Mike Vanstone

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Local interest in the Members conditions race are track specialist Ambitious Pursuit for the Lee Glanville team with daughter Pippa in the saddle, and veteran entry Coombe Hill, a winner of six Hunter Chases and eleven Point’s to date, he could run well again for the Claire Wonnacott team and daughter Millie to ride. This race has been sponsored by Rogers of Plymouth.

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