Entries and form guide: Tiverton Point-To-Point, Chipley Park, 28th January 2018

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Race 7 – Open Maiden Race

Form Name Rating TRAINERS
pp2-2 ACT LIKE YOU KNOW 32+ Lynn Redman
/7/2-3 BALLYBRUFF (IRE) 33+ Leslie Jefford
*00fp/-u BELLINI DUBREAU (FR) 20? Katherine Hawke
*543f0-4 COURT IN FLIGHT (IRE) 16? David Gibbs
*67-p DOUMBA (FR) 0 Carly Mather
*342736-2 DRAGON DE LA TOUR (FR) 34+ Kayley Woollacott
p5/342-fp DRUID SPITFIRE 34 Elisabeth Kessler
3u/2//- FIRST FRUIT Rhiannon Lewis
p/3234-32 FOUROCLOCK FOX 33+ Jack Veysey
p-p GROVE CASTLE (IRE) 0 Hayley Donovan
KAYF FARMER Charlotte Hawker
23*/64546- KILCREA BRIDGE Nicky Williams
535p-p3 MAHLER STYLE (IRE) 22 Carl Price
-p MASSINI’S BLADE (IRE) 0 Michael M. Watson
36pr-33- NUVERO MOLINO (IRE) 34 David Gibbs
uuf/23335- PADRE TITO (IRE) 32 Bobby Thomas
-4 RADDON TOP (IRE) 18+ Leslie Jefford
-f SEA PRESENT (IRE) 0 Jackie du Plessis
-3 STARWELD 23 Patricia Shaw
64/p234- TAMARSTONE (IRE) 34+ Kayley Woollacott
-pp TEDS CHOICE 0 Louisa Zeale
63222u3- THEBOSS ON THE HILL (IRE) 31 Claire Heelay
5u4-4 TOBY MAGUIRE 26+ Charles Levinson
*37/pppp- ZAMMIA (FR) 12 Daniel Farr

Preview extract

Whilst in the final race of the day, Taunton Cider and the Mount Pleasant Inn at Nomansland-sponsored Open Maiden, suggestions on first glance are Dragon de La Tour, Tamarstone, Fourolclock Fox and Theboss On The Hill, this race may well be divided on the day.

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