Entries: South Pool Harriers, Buckfastleigh, 18th February 2018

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Race 6 – Restricted Race

Form Name Rating TRAINERS
13/43/- BALLYBANE (IRE) Claire Harris
2p3/12p-6 BLAZING BOUNCER 35 Claire Harris
3/p32331/- DAN’S WEE MAN 30? Peter Mason
*5f4/3124- EASTERN CALM 36 Stuart Sampson
2/u64-312 IT HAS TO BE (IRE) 37+ Guy Henderson
/21-f JOURNEY JUICE 35 Ed Walker
pf/5341-9 MICKY STARK 35 Zoe Hawkins
*807566-1 MY KING (FR) 34+ Joe Tickle
/41- OUR DOT’S BABY (IRE) Claire Harris
*7p2/1p-2 RESTLESS REBEL 36 Ed Walker
6/635173-4 STEEL BRUSH (IRE) 35 Keith Cumings
pp5p2p51- SULLIVANS JOHN (IRE) 33 Heidi Lewis
/uu1*9- TAKING THE MICKY (IRE) 33 Annabelle Bacon
-ppp TEDS CHOICE 0 Louisa Zeale
p1- THE OVERFLOW 33+ Pippa Moorhouse
p15p5-u77 WEST CORK GOLAN (IRE) 33? Richard Morgan
73324-1 WIND TOR 35+ Ed Walker

Preview extract

Finally up is the Restricted race in which Wind Tor, trained by Ed Walker, standing out having been another to win at Chipley Park last month. Eastern Calm for the Stu Sampson team is the highest rated and won at Bishops Court last year.

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