Entries and form guide: Dulverton West Point-To-Point, Bratton Down, Sunday 20th May 2018

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Race 6 – Novice Riders Race

Form Name Rating TRAINERS
*78-pppup ACADEMY GENERAL (IRE) 00? Alice Mills
235-23844 BEFORE THE WAR 38? Ed Walker
2-5p421p2 BEUVRON (FR) 40 Sam Holdsworth
#NAME? BLUE BENNY (IRE) 37 Michael Miller
p7u31//-p4 BOLLIN SPARK 28? Hedley Webb
4/55117-p1 CINEVATOR (IRE) 41 Ella Pickard
126-pppp7 CORNISH BEAU (IRE) 36? Pam Rolf-Silvester
*4234-6p32 KAPRICORNE (FR) 38 Rebecca Branton
p6214-355 LADYVIE (FR) 40 Lucy Provan
111p-43111 MISS GOTAWAY 43 Ed Walker
p3445-2u3p MOLLAND GAYLE (IRE) 39 Robert Chanin
156/22-44 SEBADEE (IRE) 35 Elizabeth Scott
2u2-23142 SKYLANDER (IRE) 41 Sam Holdsworth
1p3up-25 THE BISHOP LOONEY (IRE) 27? Joshua Spil
12-7341u2 TOM BARTON 42 Sally Alner
112-pu922 TOP CHIEF 40 Stuart Sampson

Preview Extract:

Ella Pickard’s Cinevator has won at this track in the past two seasons and could follow up on their Vauterhill win by taking the Langdon Transport-sponsored PPORA Novice Riders race. Miss Gotaway also holds an entry in this race and goes well for young jockey Abbie Hughes.

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