Entries: South Tetcott Point-To-Point, Upcott Cross, Bank Holiday Monday 28th May 2018

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Race 1 – Conditions Race

Form Name Rating TRAINERS
424/411-2p BRICKS AND BEAMS (IRE) 39 Pauline Geering
/ppp-pppp CARRAIG THUATHAIL (IRE) 0 Carly Mather
2-p4pppu5 CARRIGKERRY (IRE) 30? Jennifer Boucher
/1113-2f11 FLY WEST 43 Ed Walker
23/0p-1231 HEANEY (IRE) 41 Claire Wonnacott
1pf-511p11 HONEST DEED (IRE) 43+ Dean Summersby
2233-5pp2 KATKOLYS (IRE) 36 David Stephens
*7pppp-5 LADY JAMESON (IRE) 34 Zoe Hawkins
14p3p-ppp MORBIHAN (FR) 37? Robin Pike
64p/3-4p11 RYVES ROCKY (IRE) 39+ Leslie Jefford
/u44p-ppu SEAN AIRGEAD (IRE) 30 David Stephens
2p1/82/-3pu SILVER COMMANDER 37 Bronwyn Buttery
/6p2uu8p3 TOLKIENS TANGO (IRE) 35? Claire Harris

Preview extract

Penbode Vet Group-sponsor the Conditions race which is the curtain opener. Ed Walker’s entry Fly West could follow up his wins at Axe Vale and Little Windsor. Dean Summersby’s team has Honest Deed entered, having already clocked up four wins in quick succession, he could be the market leader. Heaney is one to note too, with his wins at Wadebridge and Flete with young Millie Wonnacott aboard, trained by her parents at home in South Devon, and jointly owned by vet Jennifer Davenport, who will be celebrating her wedding this weekend.

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