Update: Cornwall Club Point-To-Point, Wadebridge, Sunday 9th December 2018

Sunday  9th December 2018, 10:45

Wadebridge is definitely on. It’s dried out nicely and the wind has dropped a lot. Going report to follow.


Preliminary going report from Nick Phillips: good to soft, soft in places. Wadebridge.

Saturday 8th December 2018 at 19:00

Report that the going at Wadebridge is good to soft, soft in places (4pm today). The course builders have been driving adjacent to the course all day with no problems. However, he is concerned that the sand has taken on a lot of water.

On Nick’s suggestion I have also spoken to the Course Inspector, Tim Dennis, and he has said that a decision cannot be made until he inspects the course tomorrow at 10am. with the Chairman of Stewards.

We will try and improve the drainage of the sand area in the morning, and put up the wings as it was too windy today. I’m sorry that we can’t be more specific at this stage but time and time again at Wadebridge we have been able to race against all odds.

I realise that some of you are travelling long distances and you need an answer but we really can’t make a decision tonight. The forecast is better in the morning all round.


The secretary has been informed that the inspection at Wadebridge tomorrow morning is just a general inspection which happens before every meeting. The Course Inspector is fairly confident that we can race as usual. We’ve had a lot of rain today but it should clear overnight.

Friday 7th December 2018 at 16:00

Nick Phillips, the Clerk of the Course at Wadebridge has just sent a going report. The going is still good, good to soft in places.

Wednesday 5th December 2018 at 15:30

The Clerk of the Course at Wadebridge has reported that the going is good, good to soft in places.

Sunday 2nd December 2018 at 16:00

Tim Dennis, the Course Inspector walked the course at Wadebridge this morning and considered the going to be GOOD. Entries close at 12.30pm tomorrow. If anyone has sent a postal entry please call me to check that I’ve received it. Linda Matthews will confirm receipt of entries by fax or email.

Friday 30th November, 15:30

Following a course inspection at Wadebridge today the Clerk of Course has reported that the going is now GOOD TO SOFT, SOFT IN PLACES. There has been heavy rain in the last 2 days. The Met Office are forecasting heavy rain on Tuesday but improving after that. 

Wednesday 28th November at 16:59

The Clerk of the Course at Wadebridge has just reported that the GOING is still GOOD, GOOD TO SOFT IN PLACES. 

Monday 26th November

The Clerk of the Course at Wadebridge has provided a preliminary going report. The going is good, good to soft in places, with an excellent covering of grass on old turf. The Cornwall Club Point to Point is on Sunday 9th December.

The course is located off A39 west of Wadebridge PL27 7JE

Useful Information:

Met Office 5 day forecast: Wadebridge, 1.3 miles from PL27 7JE

BBC Travel News: Cornwall and Devon

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