Buckfastleigh arrivals and declarations process

Eileen Ashby

DVSPH PtP Secretary

Tel: 01548 531490 – Posted 15 February 2019

SPH PtP, Buckfastleigh, Sunday 17 February, 2019

Fortunately we are able to both staging our Pony Racing and Point-to-Point Fixture this Sunday but, under current circumstances, it’s level of success will depend on the forbearance and goodwill of all concerned. To those wishing to participate, please abide by BHA the stipulations that allow racing to go ahead and, in turn, we will make every effort to process the necessary Equine Health checks as speedily as possible. Irrespective of the documentary status, failure to comply in any way will result in leaving the course forthwith.

Pony Racing

There are two races scheduled – 138’s @ 11am and 148’s at 11.20am. As per your PRA instructions, families must be aware that trailers are not permitted on the course before 8am. You will be directed to your parking area, but ON NO ACCOUNT ARE YOU TO UNBOX ANY EQUINES until your required documents have been examined by the Area Organiser, Kelvin Heard, in the Declarations Barn and his authorisation given to do so. In the event of any dispute over eligibility, the pony must remain in its box until the Vet attending can examine said documents and adjudicate; her word is final.


Mr Heard will be there from 8am and the Area organising Team will arrive shortly thereafter to oversee racing preparations from 9am. The Vet will arrive on course by 10am.

Pointers/Companion Equines & Hunt Horses

On arrival you will also be directed to a parking area and the same rule applies as above ,ie ON NO ACCOUNT ARE YOU TO UNBOX your equines until official authorisation has been received. The responsible person concerned should proceed to the Declarations Barn where the horse’s passport and the Declaration of Health document will be checked by the Veterinary Officer present . If satisfied, she can then authorise you to unbox and proceed with Declarations in the normal way. However, failing this, you will immediately be asked to leave the course.

Entry Fee Refunds

These will only be made to claimants on receipt of proof of genuine eligibility. We require their name, full contact details, name of the horse and race entered, together with photographic proof from the horse’s passport ie Front cover bearing the horse’s name AND the relevant Vaccination Record page. Claims should be sent to:

Mrs E Ashby, DVSPH PtP Secretary, Treetops, Frogmore, Kingsbridge, Devon TQ7 2NR. to be received NO LATER THAN Saturday,2nd March 2019. At the end of this period, details of all valid claims will be forwarded to the Point-to-Point Racing Company Ltd for reimbursement.

Current Going Report

On another fine, sunny day, the Clerk of the Course reports from the course this lunchtime that the Going at Buckfastleigh remains Good to Soft but is slowly drying as the good weather continues.

Thank you for your forbearance and let’s ALL put our best foot forward and have an enjoyable day’s racing!