Entries: East Cornwall Point-To-Point, Great Trethew, 24th February 2019

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Race 4 – Mixed Open Race

Form Name Rating TRAINERS
/p2p5pp- AMBITIOUS PURSUIT (IRE) 35 Lee Glanville
*9/15f4p-p ART OF SYNERGY (IRE) 18? Ed Walker
*5u0pp-2p CAPTAIN SHARPE 38 Charlotte Hawker
/12312-21 HEANEY (IRE) 43 Claire Wonnacott
1p111p-31 HONEST DEED (IRE) 43 Dean Summersby
1p11-3u4 HORWOOD LAD 40 Joe Tickle
*045-3462 HOW ABOUT IT (IRE) 42 Alexandra Dunn
/*p322u8- IT’S A STEAL (IRE) Lee Glanville
*4pu41p-1 JACK SNIPE 43 Robert Hawker
12/5p2p2- MINIM MOUSE 39 Chloe Newman
3212-1122 NAVANMAN (iRE) 44+ John Heard
p25662-5f O MAONLAI (IRE) 40? Hannah Welch
*451/088/- ONE COOL SCORPION (IRE) Louise Kittow
*878534/- TOKYO JAVILEX (FR) Heidi Lewis
1121222-2 WHENHARRYMETSALLY 42 Keith Cumings

Preview extract

The feature race of the day is the Mixed Open sponsored by Porsche of Exeter, who will have their large stand and a number of cars on show at the event. Entry Navanman for the John Heard team has already come home in front, with wins at both the Buckfastleigh meeting in November and the Wadebridge December meeting under jockey Bryan Carver. Navanman could come up against Jack Snipe (Robert Hawker) who is equally rated and has won four Chase races under rules when in training with Jeremy Scott, and started off this season’s campaign with a Hunt Members win at Chipley Park. Honest Deed (Dean Summersby) and Heaney (Claire Wonnacott) are also sure to be well fancied after their decent recent outings Wadebridge win for Honest Deed and Chipley Park for Heaney, both were seen in a dual at Upcott Cross last May with a head dividing the two.

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