Entries: East Devon Point-To-Point at Bishops Court on Sunday 3rd March 2019

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Race 7 – Seven Years & Over Open Maiden Race

Form Name Rating TRAINERS
*9/p/34p-4 BABY SHERLOCK 31 Roy Smith
00/644-up BUBSY BURBIDGE 0 Sally Eccles
BUSTERMOVE Stuart Sampson
COLIN’S HERO Harriet Brown
/34252-p COULD BE BETTER (IRE) 18 Stuart Sampson
3/34*6p-p DOCTOR WONG 31 Keagan Kirkby
4/3254-pp FOUROCLOCK FOX 28? Jack Veysey
-/u3- GUNNER VIC 0 Hugh Thomas
p/pfpf- HATARI (IRE) Camilla Greenwood
p4334-56 HERE COMES MOLLY (IRE) 29? Tracey Barfoot-Saunt
p5/2ff- LOODEEN (IRE) 31 Brooke Gardener-Wollen
*85856/7p- LOUGH DERG MYSTERY(IRE) Tony Geering
*06340//p- LUCKY LEYF 0 Claire Heal
4u/u5u2u- LURE DES PRES (IRE) 24? Mike Vanstone
/pu2- MANOFMANYWORDS 33+ Camilla Scott
42226-43 MOUNTAIN LAS (IRE) 27 Pauline Geering
*45/656-2 NEETSIDE (IRE) 33+ Jill Dennis
443/p474- PRINCESS ANNABELLE 22? Katie Lumb
p/-32 RARE OUL TIMES (IRE) 32+ Ed Walker
*5/44//-65 SARAH MARIE 26 Julie Wadland
p5/ppp78- SCARLETT PIPPIN 15? Jane Western
*/52pp-2 SENIERGUES 24? Jonathan Tudor
233/3432- SHANOULE WOOD (IRE) 32 Hannah Clarke
*6p485u-5 SOUL KALIBER (IRE) 25 Dean Summersby
/p4/-p STEEL THUNDER (IRE) 0 Annabelle Bacon
25u/pu5-5 STEVAN STEEL (IRE) 28 Janet Ackner
0/7ru52/- TAGINE 23? Norman Mitchell
-p THE FULL JONTY 0 Pippa Moorhouse
pp3/pp- TIK TAK (IRE) 00? Fiona Walker
pp/- WHAT A BUG 0 Sarah Prouse
p83/2p4-2 WHERE’S WILMA 34+ Michael M. Watson

Preview extract

Finally up is the Otter Brewery-sponsored Open Maiden race for seven year-olds and over in which among the 32 entries are Wadebridge runner-up Rare Oul Times (Ed Walker), Buckfastleigh runner-up Neetside (Jill Dennis) and Ex Irish import having clocked up two runner up places there Could Be Better ( Stuart Sampson).

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