Entries: Lamerton Point-To-Point, Kilworthy, Sunday 24th March 2019

Race Start time Link to entries and form for race
1st 13:00 Members Race
2nd 13:35 Mares Open Maiden Race
3rd 14:10 Club Members Open Maiden Race
4th 14:45 Mixed Open Race
5th 15:20 Confined Race
6th 15:55 Restricted Race
7th 16:30 Intermediate Race

Going Update

Friday 23rd March 2019, at 7:58 AM

Kilworthy going update: Good to Soft. All well, the course inspector lowered two fences slightly.

17th March 2019 at 7:43 PM

Latest on Kilworthy News from the Lamerton point-to-point to be run next Sunday 24th at Kilworthy near Tavistock. The going is soft but a dry week is forecast so we are expecting good going.

13th March 2019 at 8:57 PM

Lamerton Point-to-Point at Kilworthy on Sunday 24th March. All fences finished, going good to soft, soft in places.

11th March 2019 at 2:37 PM

The Kilworthy course preparation is well underway at the Lamerton with a great team of helpers yesterday in the wind. The Lamerton ladies after completing the new open ditch enjoy well-earned lunch break.

Course Layout

Preview extract:

Kilworthy near Brentor, Tavistock is the location for next weekend’s meeting in the Devon & Cornwall area, where the Lamerton Hunt stage their event on Sunday March 24th. Seven races are on offer with a start time of 1pm. 86 entries have been received.

The course offers great track-side viewing for a fabulous family day out in the country. Picnics will be brimming with plenty of food options for those wanting to eat on course. Bar and bookies will be available, along with many trade-stands. Entrance to the course is £10 car & driver, £10 per passenger to a max of £30 per car. Children under 16 free with dogs on leads welcome. The course is located near Brentor, Tavistock PL19 0JX.



f = fell u = unseated rider
p = pulled up k = knocked over
b = brought down c = carried out
d = disqualified ? = unreliable form
s = slipped up + = improving rating
r = refused blkd = baulked
ro = ran out t = took no part
(c) = course winner


NH = National Hunt
L = Length
Rest – Restricted
Nov = Novice
RT – Rating
PTP – Point to Point

An up to date form guide and synopsis of the horses entered at this meeting. Form figures for up to 6 outings appear. A dash(-) is used to separate 2017/18 form from 2016/17 form. Figures preceded by an oblique (/) represents 2015/16 form or earlier. Horses marked with an asterisk (*) indicates National Hunt form. The higher the rating the better the form. No responsibility can be accepted for any errors which may be considered to have occurred.

Produced by Jeff Guyett of Westcountry Videos.

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Race 1 – Members Race

# Dec. Form Name Rating TRAINERS Owner Rider Notes
1 Y 24/12p-21 ACADIAN (FR) 37+ Heidi Lewis L&H Racing Club L. Drowne Weight: 12-00; SP 1/3
2 1/24p44-1 BELHARBOUR TWO (IRE) 38 Heidi Lewis
3 6222-2311 CLOUDY MUSIC (IRE) 37+ Dean Summersby
4 p111p-312 HONEST DEED (IRE) 43 Dean Summersby
5 Y 84r153-67 LE CLO DE LA LONDE (FR) 38? Emma Watson The Watson Family Miss E. Watson 12-00; SP 4/1
6 Y *85856/7p- LOUGH DERG MYSTERY(IRE) Tony Geering Mr Tony Geering & Harry Geering Mrs J. Supple 12-00; SP 9/1
7 *pf60-24p NATIVE GAMUT (IRE) 35 Heidi Lewis
8 177056-up ROCK’N GOLD 0 Heidi Lewis
9 Y 51313-555 TAMARSTONE (IRE) 36 Neil McLean Mr R. Britton, Mr J. Gardener & Mr P. Wade D. Pritchard 12-00; SP 5/1
10 *78534/-p TOKYO JAVILEX (FR) 21 Heidi Lewis


Place Number Distances Time
1st 9 Neck 6m 24
2nd 1 3L
3rd 6
4th 5

Preview extract

Trainer Heidi Lewis has four entries in the opening Pannell Commercials-sponsored Members race, Belharbour Two won last weekend at Buckfastleigh, so may bypass this meeting. Acadian is another of the Lewis team entries who would be a short price here with the bookies, having won well at Wadebridge. They may have to tackle Cloudy Music from the Summersby yard, also a winner last weekend, should go close if turning up for a quick fire double under jockey Darren Edwards, who has just clocked up his 250th winner.

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Race 2 – Mares Open Maiden Race

# Dec. Form Name Rating TRAINERS Owner Rider Notes
1 Y -6u2 ARCTIC MILLEY 30+ Leslie Jefford D. Burton 6/1
2 5- ASK KATE LIZZIE 17 Dean Coleman
3 Y -5443 ATTACOTTI (IRE) 31+ Pauline Geering Jo Supple 6/4
4 Y fp/-34p2/- BLACKDOWN BABE 23 Michael Coate Kieren Buckley 20/1
5 Y ff63-pp4 COTTAGE ROSE 28+ John Heard B. Carver 10/1
6 Y p33-u223 DEISE GOLD (IRE) 33+ Jill Dennis J. Bament 4/1
7 Y -54 GREY FRONTIERES (IRE) 24? Maxwell Young J. King 6/1
8 Y *9p/200p- HURSLTONE POINT Mark Pendarves N. Lawton 6/1
9 Y /pp6-5 JAZZ UP THE BEAT 16? Victoria Sleep Victoria Sleep 12/1
10 Y p3p/p87-3 KEMICALLIE 12 Christine Gray Lucy Mager 10/1
11 535p-p3 MAHLER STYLE (IRE) 22 Alan Walter
12 Y MINELLA BEAG (IRE) Ed Walker Will Biddick 3/1
13 Y /3pp-3p STARWELD 21 Patricia Shaw P. John 25/1
14 -6 TARA SNIPE 15 Pippa Moorhouse
15 Y pf- TINKERS FLIGHT 0 Chloe Roddick Nathan Verne 10/1
16 Y 44p/4p4- UPTON FUNK (IRE) 15 Gordon Chambers Merv Woodward 14/1
17 Y 3/2p4-22 WHERE’S WILMA 34+ Michael M. Watson D. Pritchard 6/1
18 *86/pfpp- WILLALDOO 25? Leslie Jefford


Place Number Distances Time
1st 7 1L 6m 23
2nd 3 0.5L
3rd 1
4th 17

Preview extract

Where’s Wilma will be well fancied in the Jockey Club and Langdon Transport-sponsored Mares Maiden race, after her recent second at Bishops Court for the outside raider Michael Watson, along with Jill Dennis’s Deise Gold having shown some consistent decent place form.

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Race 3 – Club Members Open Maiden Race

# Dec. Form Name Rating TRAINERS Owner Rider Notes
1 042-2543 BANCO DE LOGOS (FR) 32? Dean Summersby
2 /34*6p-p2 DOCTOR WONG 33 Keagan Kirkby
3 Y f5p-2 FIVE GOLD BARS (IRE) 33+ Robert Hawker Will Biddick 4/5
4 Y 0-p LUCK’S BOY 0 Melanie Dixon Tom Doggerell 8/1
5 Y 2226-43p MOUNTAIN LAS (IRE) 27 Pauline Geering Ben Jones 4/1
6 Y 5/2- NOBLE PROMISE (IRE) 27 Dean Summersby Darren Edwards 3/1
7 -5 NORMANDY SOLDIER 17 Richard Mitford-Slade
8 *80-p64 SECOND CAPTAIN (IRE) 25 Richard Mitford-Slade
9 Y *0p4p-fu4 TANGO DU ROY (IRE) 0 Ian Prichard D. Pritchard Tongue Strap; 12/1
10 Y -6 TARA SNIPE 15 Pippa Moorhouse Jake Bament 6/1
11 Y u3-p35 THESTOPPERDUNNE (IRE) 32 Thomas Malone Jo Supple Blinkers; Tongue Strap; 3/1
12 Y p/pppp-p ZAMMIA (FR) 0 Daniel Farr Mr D. Farr Blinkers; 33/1


Place Number Distances Time
1st 3 2L 6m 27
2nd 6 4L
3rd 4
4th 5

Preview extract

Another team Summersby entry Banco de Logos looks a promising prospect with place form at the Buckfastleigh meetings and this track may suit for him to get his head in front in the PPORA and Steve Luxton & Yvonne Watson Memorial Open Maiden race.Doctor Wong(Keegan Kirby) and Five Gold Bars (Robert Hawker) have both scored seconds recently at the Charlton Horethorne track and either could prove dangerous if making the trip here.

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Race 4 – Mixed Open Race

# Dec. Form Name Rating TRAINERS Owner Rider Notes
1 Y 4p-143414 BALLYHOWNE (IRE) 40 Robert Chanin Will Biddick 4/1 to 6.5/1 SP
2 Y 12/231-111 CHOSEN LUCKY (IRE) 42 Dean Summersby Darren Edwards Blinkers; 6/4
3 Y 21112-21u DICKY BOB 45 Verity Nicholls Bryan Carver 1/2
4 *793330- DRY OL’PARTY Stuart Payne
5 Y 12312-213 HEANEY (IRE) 42 Claire Wonnacott Millie Wonnacott 5/1 to 7/1 SP
6 322u8-58 IT’S A STEAL (IRE) 34? Lee Glanville
7 *pu41p-11 JACK SNIPE 44+ Robert Hawker
8 11/2233-33 KERNEL VICTOR 40 Ed Walker
9 /u13112- LOCAL SHOW (IRE) 41 Sarah Humphrey
10 12-112211 NAVANMAN (iRE) 45+ John Heard
11 3/76p1-p03 SAROQUE (IRE) 41 Mrs K. R. Smith-Maxwell
12 Y 261121/2- THERE’S NO PANIC (IRE) 42 Michael Biddick Ella Orttewell Weight 11-02; 7/2 to 8/1 SP
13 *78534/-p TOKYO JAVILEX (FR) 21 Heidi Lewis


Place Number Distances Time
1st 3 25L 6m 12
2nd 5 3L
3rd 2
4th 12

Preview extract

The feature race of the day is the Condy Mathias Mixed Open which is a qualifier for finals at both Cheltenham and Stratford in May. Local trainer Dean Summersby has entered Chosen Lucky, a winner of 11 out of his 14 starts to date , with recent wins at Wadebridge and Great Trethew, and could see Darren Edwards back on board to set the pace here. Entry Jack Snipe is the highest rated having won an Open at Badbury Rings under jockey Shane Quinlan for trainer Robert Hawker, but also holds an entry at both Milbourne St Andrew and Ston Easton this weekend. Navanman (John Heard) is another Open winner and he has clocked up four wins this season including two Mixed Opens and an Open at Charlton Horthorne two weeks ago and will need to defy top weight under regular jockey Bryan Carver, who himself rode a Hunter Chase winner at Exeter earlier this week. The combination are also entered at Milborne St Andrew on Saturday. The popular grey Dicky Bob for trainer Verity Nicholls, is already a dual course winner, and could be a likely runner to score his hat-trick at the course. He could again be partnered by young jockey Tomasina Eyston who had an early unlucky unseat last weekend at Buckfastleigh.

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Race 5 – Confined Race

# Dec. Form Name Rating TRAINERS Owner Rider Notes
1 Y /312-pp22 AWESOME TUNES (IRE) 39+ Ed Walker D. Burton Tongue strap; 11/10 to 2/1 SP
2 2 41p/p/44- BALLYVODOCK (IRE) Gordon Chambers Ben Jones  8/1 to 10/1 SP
3 Y /46182p-1 CLONDAW BUNNY (IRE) 37+ Dean Summersby Darren Edwards 2/1 to EvFav
4 Y 1p11-3u43 HORWOOD LAD 39 Joe Tickle Kieren Buckley Cheek Pieces; Tongue Strap; 2/1 to 5/2 SP
5 Y 322u8-58 IT’S A STEAL (IRE) 34? Lee Glanville Pippa Glanville Blinkers; 8/1 to 12/1 SP
6 Y *78534/-p TOKYO JAVILEX (FR) 21 Heidi Lewis Lee Drowne 10/1 to 12/1 SP


Place Number Distances Time
1st 2 1L 6m 22
2nd 3 2L
3rd 1
4th 6

Preview extract

Awesome Tunes for Ed Walker’s team has been progressing in the right direction and could snatch the AC Worth-sponsored Confined race with seconds at Wadebridge and Bishops Court. Clondaw Bunny looks promising having won a Restricted at Great Trethew, as is new recruit Irish import to Gordon Chambers yard Ballyvodock, with any market support worth noting.

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Race 6 – Restricted Race

# Dec. Form Name Rating TRAINERS Owner Rider Notes
1 1 *659-51 ACCORDINI 34+ Gareth Moore James King Tongue Strap; Evefav
2 21*9-523p ALICE’S STAR 35 Robert Chanin
3 Y 1pf73R/-f COME ON JOEY (IRE) 34? Roy Smith Paul John 16/1
4 Y f2u1fp/-p CROOKESMOOR 18 Sue Young Sioned Whittle 25/1
5 1/*05-5 DR RHYTHM (IRE) 17? Keith Cumings
6 2f533-133 DRAGON DE LA TOUR (FR) 35 Neil McLean
7 Y 3p32123-p GASK RIDGE (IRE) 36 Mary Sanderson Nick Lawton Hood; 6/1
8 21-62 GERTIES GARTER 37+ Ed Walker
9 Y 466/3225- GOLANDER (IRE) 35 Gordon Chambers Ben Jones 9/1
10 -31 HON THE DJ (IRE) 34+ Jonathan Farrelly
11 Y pp3r1p-p MASSINI’S BLADE (IRE) 34? Michael M. Watson D. Pritchard 33/1
12 93RR0-f1 MATTS LEGACY (IRE) 35+ Luke Price
13 Y /1pp3p-12 MY KING (FR) 35+ Joe Tickle Kieren Buckley 7/2
14 Y *pf60-24p NATIVE GAMUT (IRE) 35 Heidi Lewis Heidi Lewis 8/1
15 Y *485u-512 SOUL KALIBER (IRE) 36+ Dean Summersby Darren Edwards Tongue Strap; 9/4


Place Number Distances Time
1st 3 5L 6m 26
2nd 15 3L
3rd 7
4th 14

Preview extract

Accordini won well under jockey James King at Howick in February, and is a suggestion in the Tinhay Building Supplies-sponsored Restricted race. Soul Kaliber,another out of Dean Summersby’s yard looks progressive and could follow up on his three-quarter length win at Bishops Court followed by a second to Manofmanywords at Cothelstone last weekend if not finding this race comes too soon.

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Race 7 – Intermediate Race

# Dec. Form Name Rating TRAINERS Owner Rider Notes
1 24/12p-21 ACADIAN (FR) 37+ Heidi Lewis
2 /312-pp22 AWESOME TUNES (IRE) 39+ Ed Walker
3 5p624-pp BALLYCASH (IRE) 35 Ben Clarke
4 Y 5-up2143 BRIDGE OF SPIES (IRE) 38 George Beilby Nick Lawton Cheek Pieces; 5/2
5 6222-2311 CLOUDY MUSIC (IRE) 37+ Dean Summersby
6 Y 41p2-133p DRUID SPITFIRE 37 Robert Chanin Bryan Carver Cheek Pieces; 6/1
7 Withdrawn /3/31/12-6 EMPEROR RENARD (IRE) 38 Marie McGuiness
8 Y 0p/3p-2pu MR MICHANDA (IRE) 33? Sarah Tickle Nathan Verge 12/1
9 Y 24u1121-4 SIXTEEN LETTERS (IRE) 37 Neil McLean Darren Edwards Tongue Strap; 7/2
10 51313-555 TAMARSTONE (IRE) 36 Neil McLean
11 Y -11 TUFF NANO (IRE) 38+ Teresa Clark Will Biddick 4/7


Place Number Distances Time
1st 11 Neck 6m 23
2nd 9

Preview extract

Finally up is the Equafleece-sponsored Intermediate race in which Tuff Nano, under jockey Will Biddick could make the most of her mares weight allowance and get her head in front again for trainer Teresa Clark. Bridge Of Spies is another likely to be high in the betting after his head Restricted win at Wadebridge under jockey Nick Lawton, and third to recent Hunter Chase winner In Arrears when they met at the Bishops Court Meeting.

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