EQUINE INFLUENZA: Requirement for unlicensed individuals to present negative nasal swab result on licensed racecourses


The above seeks to notify all connections of horses with registered Hunters’ Certificate for 2018/19; AND APPLIES TO UNLICENSED INDIVIDUALS ONLY.  IF YOU HAVE A LICENCE OR PERMIT TO TRAIN THE MESSAGE BELOW DOES NOT APPLY TO YOU:


Horses will not be allowed to enter the racecourse premises & therefore run, if connections are not in possession of the above documentation in addition to the Health Declaration form.  Please see frequently asked questions below:


What is the requirement before arrival at the racecourse?

A negative result from a nasal swab taken no more than 72 hours before the horse is due to arrive at the licensed racecourse must be emailed to equine@britishhorseracing.com


What is the requirement on arrival at the racecourse?

The negative nasal swab result must be presented to the BHA Veterinary Officer (VO) or Equine Welfare and Integrity Officer (EWIO) on arrival and before the horse is unloaded.  This also applies to equine companions.


All samples must be sent to the Animal Health Trust (AHT), Newmarket….Why can’t I send a sample to my local Veterinary Surgery / laboratory?

The sole use of the AHT laboratory in partnership with the BHA ensures consistency of service in line with BHA’s requirements.


How do I transport the nasal swab sample to the AHT?

By courier or recorded post overnight.


Does the above requirement apply to equine companions?

Yes.  Any horse / pony unloaded onto the racecourse stables must also have a negative result for Equine Influenza.


How long will this restriction last?

The BHA is currently monitoring the situation and the restriction shall remain in place until the end of the season.


How long will it take for the result to come back?

AHT has confirmed a one-day turnaround on receipt of the sample.


When is the AHT Closed?

Saturday afternoon and Sunday.


How can I comply with the 72 hour requirement if the horse is running on a Monday?

The BHA will allow a nasal swab to be taken on the Thursday (but no earlier) prior to running on a Monday.


In order to ensure that no samples are missed, the AHT has made the following request:

Please notify the AHT on or before the Friday using the email address diagnostics@aht.org.uk to inform them of your runner and to ensure they are expecting the sample over the weekend.  The sample can then be specifically identified.  In addition, the form should include details of the e-mail address to which the official report should be sent on the Monday morning – these are usually sent to the submitting veterinary practice but a copy report can also be sent to the trainer.


Cheltenham Hunters’ Steeple Chases Evening Friday 3 May 2019

Given the number of horses trained by unlicensed individuals at the above meeting, nasal swabs taken on Tuesday 30 April will be considered acceptable.  Please follow the same procedure as outlined above.


Exeter and Fakenham Hunters’ Steeple Chases Tuesday 7 May

Nasal swabs taken on Thursday 2 May will be considered acceptable.  Please follow the same procedure as above.


Please do get in touch if you have any further queries.




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Point-to-Point Executive

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