Provisional Point-to-Point 2019-20 Fixture List released 

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The Point-to-Point Secretaries Association (PPSA) and Point-to-Point Authority (PPA) are pleased to release the provisional fixture list for the 2019-20 season.  Please note however that the list is not ratified until the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) approve the proposed schedule at their board meeting in early September.

As it stands, the points to note are as follows:

  • 167 fixtures have been applied for, spread over 54 race days
  • Saturdays are generally better catered for, particularly during January and February
  • Congestion in April has been reduced – Easter aside
  • Due to the change to the May Bank Holiday in 2020 (now on following Friday, V-E day) most fixtures have stayed in current weekend, whilst two others (Stevenstone & Warwickshire) have moved back to race on the Friday
  • Three new courses are scheduled to host a fixture – Dunsmore in Devon, Shelfield Park in Warwickshire and Chilfrome in Dorset

Click here to download the full fixture list