In the likely event that some on course bookmakers are allowed to attend there will be a telephone betting service available.

Anybody wishing to place a bet will need to deposit funds into a PayPal account by 6pm on Friday 23rd October. Funds added after this time will not be available to place bets.

  • The minimum deposit will be £30 and the minimum bet per selection will be £10.
  • All bets will need to be placed at least 5 minutes before the scheduled off time of the race.
  • All funds in accounts at the end of racing will be refunded within 24 hours.

Obviously this is a trial and I am sure there will be teething problems but please bare with us. We will try to accommodate as many bets as possible but under certain circumstances some large bets may have to be reduced or declined.

The Paypal account to deposit funds into is:pittard123@hotmail.co.uk (When asked please tick friend or family or administration charges may apply)

This account is supported by the president of the Devon and Cornwall Bookmakers association.

There will be two telephone lines available which are:

07974 584712

07711 838944