FLETE PARK – 17 April 2021 – IMPORTANT

Posted by: Edward Treneer

  1. This is our beloved sport, please comply with COVID 19 guidance voluntarily – masks at all times, social distancing, no crowding at declarations or weighing, do not leave your zone. Lorries to park 3m apart and cars 2m apart. Our COVID stewards will be ensuring compliance, not to be authoritarian but so that all point to points nationwide are not imperilled. No e-ticket, no entry, no exceptions.
  2. The Mixed Open has been moved back to. 3.20 start time – all other timings will remain the same, the Hound Parade not taking place. There will be a 2 min silence at 3pm to pay respect to the late HRH Duke Of Edinburgh – please observe this with the respect his life and service deserves.
  3. There will be no road signs to the races – as agreed with the Police and Local Authority – so that members of the general public do not attempt to attend.
  4. There will be no parking on the hill and no entry to the course otherwise than through Flete Western Lodge – the lorry and centre of the course entrance. You will be required to show your ticket before coming on to Flete at all and they will be scanned and you will all be temperature checked at the bottom of the drive before entering the course. If you fail the temperature test, you will be directed to a holding area where you will be re-tested. The single entrance will make entry significantly slower than normal so leave extra time.
  5. No cars will be permitted to park in the lorry park. No exceptions, no excuses. Pony racing vehicles are to carry on along the drive and park on the left hand side. The amber zone is on the right hand side of the drive, where the trade stands are normally sited, between the drive and the course and extending just past the last fence. There is a double rope fence against the paddock from the Amber zone. Please respect this and do not leave your zone. No exceptions, no excuses. There will be lavatories and a single catering unit in each zone.
  6. Please ensure that the absolute minimum of people enter the paddock – normally one horse handler and one other to leg up. After the race, only the winner should remain in the paddock to be washed down – all other horses should be taken straight through the paddock to the lorry park where the vast majority of water containers are located (and can easily be quickly refilled as required).

The Meeting is being Live Streamed, so we are all potentially on parade to the public at large as well as various authorities. Please remember this – thoughtlessness could jeopardise our sport. FACE – SPACE – THINK, please.