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Love Pointing? Become a Live Stream Angel for just £75

Angels will enjoy access to on-the-day livestream and replays of all the action throughout the Devon and Cornwall Season

Last season Devon and Cornwall Area successfully pioneered live-stream point to point coverage. As the new season begins we’re building on that experience, and planning to offer livestream coverage throughout the coming season.

To fund our production costs without placing any financial burden on individual meetings, as well as a Pay Per View option. we are implementing a number of Area led income streams.

The first of these income streams is our Live Stream Angel Season Ticket Offer.

What is a Livestream Angel Season Ticket?

Priced at just £75 (plus Eventbrite admin fee of £6.44) we are offering 40 Livestream Angel Season Ticket giving access to all Devon and Cornwall livestreams, and replays throughout the season.

This is a substantial discount compared to the Pay Per View cost of £12 (plus Eventbrite fee of £1.52) per meeting, and a great opportunity to grab a bargain whilst supporting the Devon and Cornwall Area Livestream Project.

We’ll use the Angel income to help fund our early season production costs as we develop our other funding streams.

We also guarantee that you won’t lose out financially, if for any reason we stream less than 7 meetings during the 2021 – 2022 season then we’ll make a pro-rata refund on request at the end of the season. (For Terms and Conditions see below).

How can I buy a Livestream Angel Season Ticket?

Just 40 Live Stream Angel Season Tickets are available.

To buy yours please go to

How do Angels view the Livestream?

The Livestream and replays will be viewable via the Eventbrite website. Full details will be sent following purchase of a Livestream Angel Season Ticket and an email will be sent for each fixture containing a link to access the livestream link (they change each time).

Why are Devon and Cornwall Area offering Livestream in 2021 – 2022?

Last Season we introduced Livestreaming to as a service to connections and enthusiasts who were unable to attend due to Covid restrictions and “racing behind closed doors”. We learnt a lot about the production process ,and also about the potential for Livestreaming to strengthen our sport now and in the future.

Some of the ways Livestreaming does this are by:
 by enabling long-standing supporters to remain in contact and enjoy Pointing, even when circumstances prevent them attending in person
 opening up the sport to new audiences who may then be encouraged to come along to fixtures to enjoy live action
 showcasing Devon and Cornwall’s high quality and varied courses to participants from other areas, encouraging them to travel to our Area
 enabling connections who can’t be there on the day to see their horse in action on the day, with just the 5 minute broadcast delay. A real benefit to out of area connections who may have runners elsewhere, or be unable to attend for other reasons
 offering connections who need to be in the lorry park the chance to watch the action as it unfolds additionally the replay facility provides:
 connections with the earliest possible opportunity to review and analyse the action from the race
 nationwide fans with the chance to view all the action – even on days when they’ve spent somewhere else

Terms and Conditions Live Stream Angels Season Ticket
1) Purchasing a Live Stream Angel Season Ticket gives access to all Devon and Cornwall Area Livestreams and replays throughout the 2021 – 2022 Season.
2) Information on how to view the livestream and replays will be sent following purchase of the Live Stream Angel Season Ticket.
3) Livestream is subject to a 5 minute broadcast delay, this is a BHA requirement.
4) Replays are available until 12:00 on the Tuesday following the meeting, this is due to a PPA requirement.

5) In the unlikely event that Devon and Cornwall Area provide less than 7 livestreamed meetings throughout the 2021 – 2022 season a pro-rata refund of the Livestream Angel Season Ticket price will be paid.

Refund calculations will be made based on the total number of meetings streamed throughout the 2021 – 2022 Season as shown in the table below:

Number of Meetings Live Streamed      £
0  Meetings – £75
1 Meeting –  £63
2 Meetings – £51
3 Meetings – £39
4 Meetings – £27
5 Meetings – £15
6 Meetings – £3
7 or more  – £0

The total refund made will not exceed the amount indicated in the table above.

6) A meeting livestream will be considered to have been provided if a minimum of 3 Point To Point races have been streamed from the meeting.
7) No refunds will be made prior to the end of the 2021 – 2022 Season.
8) Refund requests must be made to the Area Secretary by 15 th July 2022. Requested refunds will be processed within 7 days of the request.
9) No refunds can be made in any other circumstances.
10) Regrettably the £ 6.44 Eventbrite admin fee cannot be refunded in any circumstances.
11) Devon and Cornwall Area have no liability for any additional direct or indirect costs incurred by a purchaser as a result of provision, or non-provision, of a livestream or replay.
12) All media rights are retained by the meeting organisers. Livestream/replay copyright is retained by Devon and Cornwall Point to Point Area. Livestream / replay content must not be shared with any third party or via any channel, including Social Media, without prior written permission of Devon and Cornwall Area.

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