Rules as at p31 of planner 2021/22;

Hunt qualification with Devon & Cornwall packs mandatory for awards 4 points win, 2 points 2nd, 1 point 3rd.


 Dean Summersby  74 Points

, Leslie Jefford  34 points

 Neil McLean  33 points

FIVE HORSES OR LESS H J Widdicombe Memorial Challenge Trophy

John Heard  30 points

Jill Dennis,Nicky Martin, Mary Sanderson, Susan Darke, Helen Bament  14 points

LEADING OWNER – G K Probert Perpetual Challenge Cup

Tom Malone 20 points

John & Sonia Gardene16 points

Jill Dennis, Mary Sanderson, Sue Trump, Bradley Partnership, Helen & Peter Bament, Edward & Susan Darke 14 points

OWNER / RIDER MOST POINTS ONE HORSE- Silver Ransome Perpetual Challenge Cup

Anna Hylands Nikki Steel 9 points

James Shaw Lapford Lad  7 points

Ella Herbert Field Exhibition, 6 points

LEADING VETERAN RIDER – Orchard Perpetual Challenge Cup

Will Biddick

OWNER OF LEADING HORSE- Axminster Carpets Perpetual Challenge Cup

Transition Period , John & Sonia Gardener,  Eric The Third, J Heard, Mrs S Heard, Mrs J Trevarthen, D Hooper & Mrs B Hooper each share with  16 points

Sykes 15 points

 Minimalistic 14 points

Broadclyst, Say About It, 13 points

OWNER OF LEADING NOVICE HORSE- Little Vanity Perpetual Challenge Cup

Transition Period,  16 points, John & Sonia Gardener

Say About It 13 points

Honest Opinion 11 points

OWNER OF LEADING MARE – Cornish Princess Perpetual Challenge Cup

Honest Opinion 11 points, Nicholas Banks, Tony & Jenny Boon, John Burrow & W Britton

Golly Its Molly, Walkin out 8 points

River Myth 7 points

Singapore sage 7 points

OWNER OF LEADING VETERAN HORSE (12 YEARS & OVER) – Anjuba Perpetual Challenge Trophy

Eric The Third 16 points, J Heard, Mrs S Heard, Mrs J Trevarthen, D Hooper, Mrs B Hooper

Sykes 15 points

Nikki Steel 9 points

Alternatif 8 points

OWNER / BREEDER OF LEADING HORSE BRED IN THE AREA- Seal Marine Perpetual Challenge Trophy

 Golly Its Molly , 8 points Mrs Sarah Prouse  

The Thomas Family, Arv Way There 6 points, Mr & Mrs Nigel Faulks  Amore Alato 5 points

RIDER GAINING MOST POINTS AT A SINGLE MEETING –Prideaux Horse Perpetual Challenge Trophy

Will Biddick 18 points  Four Burrow

Darren Edwards, Darren Andrews, Jake Bament  14 points

RIDER OF WINNER WITH LONGEST SP – Devon & Cornwall Bookmakers Perpetual Challenge Trophy

Chad Bament 25-1 Mustmeetforapint @ Tiverton Staghounds


To be announced

Any queries of scores to Awards Co-ordinator, or volunteers to take the scoring job on, please contact Granville Taylor

Granville Taylor
Granville Taylor

Devon & Cornwall Point-To-Point Press Officer and PtPRC Race Reader