Gone but not forgotten

I would love to know horses that hold record times around old courses that have stood the test of time. My father rode horses pointing locally before I was born and also owned and trained the fabulous Dicky Blob. I myself have trained horses since i was sixteen. Are the horses now quicker than they were when father used to ride? Obviously conditions alter times but can anybody add to this. Dicky Blob ridden by the late Phillip Schofield – Verity Nicholls

Having timed, p t p,races,for many years, I have no answer, to your question, on track records,but they are definitely faster, Cherrybrook, Stafford x,and Wadebridge, can through up fast times,I can remember rushing down to Newton Abbot, to watch Dicky Blob, win the hunter chase, great memories 😃 – Peter Hooper

Great memories they are. My opinion would be the quality has improved but there’s always old horses that stand out. Were they possibly the top ones. I would love the old names reminded to me again. I believe (and only ) believe that my little Virgos Bambino held a record at Cherrybrook – Verity Nicholls

Becky Kennen, SeaSnipe – Sarah Tickle

Didn’t Sea snipe, win on the old course at Wadebridge? – Peter Hooper

The “old course” at Wadebridge (Trewornan) closed around 1984/5 & started at the show Ground in 1986. Seasnipe ran 2004-7. – Philip Kennen

That’s a name to remember. Wonderful horse – Verity Nicholls

For a Lark, Confused Express. Phil Grey are horses I remember well. – Jean Waldron

Let’s fly, owned by Ross Oliver, and then his little sister Wee fly both were prolific winners pointing – Penny Lay

Sandy Duff too. What about Rame Fells horses. Barraden. General’s Drum. Wonderful horses but does anyone know times of races – Verity Nicholls

Rastaman and General’s Drum races were great tussles. – Rita Heard

I heard when Danties Back won the members at Cherrybrook that he broke the course record – Mandy Hand

Would be nice to find out. The horse deserve to be named as many horses have travelled the course . Its some feat to be the record holder – Verity Nicholls

Does anyone remember the parade of old pointers including Dicky?/Transmiter/ Bucks Mill held at Lifton many years – Jeff Guyett

I rode For a lark in it and still got the dvd of it that you took – Mandy Hand

Khattaf and For A Lark had some great battles. Khattaf won 26 Ladies Opens 🌟. Flame O Frensi was a legend…she won 24 point to points and 2 Hunter Chases ( her first foal Touch of Flame won 12) – Nicky Boundy

The For a lark, vs Khattaf race at Bratton Down, one of my great memories, Devon vs Cornwall helped the terrific atmosphere 😃 must rate one of the best.😃 Race. – Peter Hooper

I loved For a Lark Hugh chestnut with a damaged knee but it did not affect him a bit. Phil Grey at Flete walked around the paddock led by an elderly gent .Went around the first circuit like an old dog and then just passed everyone with ease. Confused Express was in my yard Gerald Penfold bought her for peanuts as she had terrible sand cracks. She was a diamond and loved the 4 mile races. – Jean Waldron

Roy Stevens’ Nearly Splendid (Tom Greed) was a class act over the 4 mile trips – Edward Treneer

I rode him on his first day’s qualifying- I didn’t dare look down til about 1.30pm, he was huge! Roy also had Lucky Hanassi who won several races. – Lee Glanville

Valerie Jones recalls Culmleigh Pardre won the adjacent Hunts Restricted at Bratton Down in a time of 6 min 7secs in 1986. I believe it was the fastest time then although it’s been beaten since. Surprising because he wasn’t the fastest of horses but liked the firm and had Almond Jack as a pacemaker who was odds-on favourite. Paddy won at 20-1. Will never forget that day

Jeff Guyett remembers going to these now defunct Devon & Cornwall Point to Point courses:

  • Lemalla – (Bolventor & E.Cornwall)
  • Haldon – Silverton
  • Bowden Pillars (Totnes)
  • Mounsey Hill Gate – Dulverton East
  • Morchard Bishop ( at least 2 different courses on the same farm!) Eggesford
  • Galmpton – South Devon
  • Idford Arch – South Devon
  • Rock – N.Cornwall (Trewoaon farm?)
  • Tehidy – Fourburrow
  • Hockworthy – Tiverton
  • Ashwater – South Tetcott
  • Lifton – Tetcott
  • Stibb Cross – Stevenstone
  • Clyst St Mary – East Devon
  • Nedge & Toller Down gate(Wessex Area)
  • Trebourough hill – Dulverton Farmers
  • Lynch Farm, Thorverton – Silverton
  • Shobrook – Silverton
  • Crimp – Tetcott & Stevenstone and of course Black Forest Lodge the latest one.
  • others include Williton (Quantock) & Holnicote (old course)
  • Venn Ashbury 1956 Newlands Bradworthy
  • Hayes Barton, Clyst honiton – East Devon
  • Holbrook farm, Clyst honiton – East Devon
    • Pheenix park, won there at 50 -1, happy days – Peter Hooper
  • Forches Cross, Newton Abbot
  • Sure there are some more
  • Jordans – Taunton Vale

In 2008 Dante’s Back won the members at Cherrybrook with Darren Edwards in a time of 5.46. I think Fiddlers pike had a quick time around there as well. – Mandy Hand

Moorcroft Boy won there one year, about two fences ahead of the rest of us! – Lee Glanville

Flying Camel, Devon Spirit, Frevolity. Bucks Mill & my fav Phil Grey. Saw Nearly Splendid win at Larkhill over 3 miles (backed it 14/1)! –  Jeff Guyett

SeaSnipe held the course record at Bratton Down from 2007 to 2016 , 5.47. ‘It’s Not Simple’ holds course record for ladies race at Jays , Lifton. I’ve often wondered too if horses are better today than years ago. It’s difficult to compare ,as, 1) point to point course distances can vary year to year, meeting to meeting as bends may be moved etc. 2) We hardly ever get decent ground any more. There are no doubt very good horses running today but do they have the longevity of those of old ? If Dicky Bob were running today? He would definitely hold his own ! – Philip Kennen

Olivia Green and Charolette Stuckley, on colquhouin and pheonix flyer ladies open Black Forest the speed that day these two went was frightening, they broke the course record in 2004 – Glenys Green

Lord Atterbury & Mister Benjamin at Buckfastleigh in around 2003 was a great race in a very fast time if I remember. For my money Sandy Duff was just about the Best pointer of the last 15 years in the Devon & Cornwall Area.  – Ben Robarts

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  1. I have done course records for the West Midland Area. The course record at Andoversford has stood since 1971 and at Woodford since 1982. Some meetings are set up using the inside of the course or the outside (so they have to travel further) but it is still useful to know who holds the record.

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