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Live Streaming of the Point to Point fixtures will continue to be developed in the Devon and Cornwall this season with the first 3 meetings until the end of this year now fixed and followed by most if not all of the remaining fixtures through until next June.

Cornelius Lysaght and Robert Cooper, both nationally known horse racing broadcasters will lead the presentations and interviews, betting information from Simon Nott and race form and tips from racing correspondent Donna Harris.

The team includes technical students from the Falmouth University’s in-house creative agency Mayn Creative who supported the initial programme last year plus Pearce’s Public Address specialists who are supplying robotic wireless cameras around the course, along with a dedicated broadcast van, tailored graphics and video editing software for sale of race recordings on the day, director’s comms and audio requirements this season.

A special offer for 40 tickets to view all the broadcasts throughout the season at a discounted £75 cost is being promoted at the beginning of the season from

The full action packed day of horse racing can be seen on your Iphone or computer

Buy Livestream Tickets

Welcome to the fifth Point-To-Point fixture of the season with the Tiverton on Sunday 23rd January, join us from Chipley Park in Somerset where we bring you a seven Point-To-Point race card live-stream from the 2021-22 Point-To-Point season. The first race, the starts at 12:00 with the races running at 35 minute intervals.

Programmes will be presented by Cornelius Lysaght, formerly the BBC’s voice of racing together with Robert Cooper, and they are joined by Donna Harris and Simon Nott.

Live streams of all the action is exclusively available by purchasing a £12 ticket plus Eventbrite’s admin fee through the Tiverton Eventbrite link above.

Replays will go on sale for both fixtures through the same Tiverton link (available until noon on Tuesday 25th January 2022) after the close of racing of the fixture.

Once a ticket has been purchased Eventbrite will send you an email with a link to watch the racing on 23rd January 2022 for the Tiverton fixture. If you can’t see the email, if may have gone into a spam or junk email folder.

The fixture’s streaming coverage is scheduled to start before racing at 11:30 with the first race scheduled to start at 12:00.

Note: The livestream won’t be visible on the eventbrite page before the livestream is started on on the day of the fixture, it will display a content is not available yet message.

Telephone betting with oncourse bookmakers

If you do want a bet at this meeting, the following applies.

  • A deposit of £50, must be in David Phillips’s Pay Pal account, at the latest 10.00am on Sunday.
  • David will pay any commissions due.
  • All payments will be returned by David Phillips, i.e. winnings and deposits, within 24 hours.
  • David Phillips’s Pay Pal account can be reached via my telephone at 07810 775119

Viewing the livestream

We are aware that most people watch the livestream on a laptop or a tablet, but a good proportion want to watch on their TV. Every setup will be different, so there are no guarantees of being able to view on a Smart TV, but I am informed that some viewers were able to cast the Cherrybrook livestream to a SmartTV, to do so they had to log into both Eventbrite and Youtube prior to joining the stream.

This video has some other techniques that might work for other set ups:

Frequently Asked Questions

Some viewers have been able to cast the livestream from a mobile device to their smartTVs, but had to log into both Eventbrite and Youtube before accessing the livestream. There are many devices and many SmartTVs, and they all work differently. But the following guide may help if you want to do that:

Required connection speed

We recommend a download speed of at least 5Mbps to view the stream at the 720p broadcast rate we use for stream at. You can check your internet connection speed at:

You may find you get a faster connection on a mobile device that on home broadband. Note: there are unlimited data SIM only plans available if you are concerned about data allowance usage.

Quality settings

You may find Youtube has switched you to a lower resolution version of the stream to converse bandwidth. You can still switch on 720p through the settings (gear icon), but it may buffer if the connection speed is lower. 

If you are casting to a 4K TV the image will appear soft, because the TV is scaling up the picture to match the screen resolution. The image will appear sharper on smaller devices like phones, tablets and laptops.

We are using the 4G mobile network to live stream, and the rural nature of the racecourse locations means that 720p is the highest reliable quality setting we can live stream at. This had the benefit of minimising the amount of data bandwidth you need to use to view the stream, and the connection speed required. [4k streaming would require 20Mbps+ internet download speeds which many of our rural customers won’t have access to].

Purchasing Tickets

Some people have reported issues purchasing tickets, the primary reason appears to be internet bandwidth issues. Our suggestions are:

  • Try using the main eventbrite page instead of the checkout plug in above, in case there are compatibility issues
  • Check that no-one else in the household is consuming a lot of internet bandwidth
  • Try using a different internet type, e.g. 4G mobile internet instead of Broadband or vice versa
  • Try a different time of day in case of general internet congestion
  • If those are unsuccessful you may need to reach out to Eventbrite Support for more specialist advice :

Devon & Cornwall Point-To-Point Secretaries Association – the official area website

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