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Going: Good to Firm (watered)

Hunt race (Sponsor; Mrs Sally Goodman)

1 Ambitious Pursuit (Pippa Glanville) 7-2 Tracked leader, effort two out, led near finish
2 Before The War (Robbie Henderson) 2-5 fav prom, led two out til headed near finish
3 Vertige Dore (Hannah Welch) 7-1 led til approaching two out
5 ran; short head; 4l; 6m 43s
Owner; Mrs Lee Glanville; Trainer: Mrs Lee Glanville

Restricted (Kitsons Solicitors)

1 Pasternak Jack (Heidi Lewis) 10-1 made all, clear from 15th, comfortably
2 Johny No Cash (Hannah Welch) 11-2 chased winner from half way, no impression
3 Carry On Nando (Sean Houlihan) 7-2 3rd from 14th, kept on one pace
7 ran; 8l; 1 1/2l; 6m 32s
Owner; Mr Dick Westacott; Trainer: Kayley Woollacott

Mixed Open Four Miles (Totnes & Bridgetown Races Co)

1 Hameldown Tor (Robbie Henderson) 4-7 fav progress 16th, led three out, drew clear last
2 Bellflower Boy (Bryony Frost) 10-1 chased leaders, stayed on well closing stages
3 Kings Bench (Ciaran Gethings) 6-1 went 2nd after three out, no extra after next
8 ran; 5l; 5l; 8m 7s
Owner: The Otter Club; Trainer; Ed Walker

Open Maiden 2m 4f (Francis Clark)

1 Applesolutely (Sean Houlihan) 3-1 steady hdwy 11th, effort two out, soon led, clear flat
2 High Priority (Josh Newman) 4-1 Headway to challenge two out, outpaced apprg last
3 Milan Of Crystal (Bryony Frost) lost place 11th, stayed on closing stages
13 ran; 6l; 4l; 5m 17s
Owner; Lucy Fielding- Johnson & Ces Mitford-Slade; Trainer: Ces Mitford-Slade

Club Members’ Conditions (Rodgers of Plymouth)

1 Knight Pass (Bryony Frost) 2-1 fav made all, ridden out
2 Delta Borget (Jo Buck) 4-1 pressed leader from three out, no extra apprg last
3 Weston Lodge (Alex Moorhead) 12-1 chased leaders, held in 3rd from three out
8 ran; 5l; 2l; 6m 29s
Owner; Malcolm Denmark; Trainer: Nikki Frost

Confined (Full Circle Motors – Elizabeth May Memorial)

1 Level Spirit (Robbie Henderson) 5-2 progress three out, led next, easily
2 Ladyvie (Hannah Welch) 10-1 prom, slight lead three out, kept on well
3 dh The Dapper Fox (Jack Veysey) 12-1 hdwy from rear two out, finished well
3 dh Tamatown (Alastair Harvey) 20-1 tracked leaders, one pace from three out
8 ran; 2l; 15l; 6m 28s
Owner; The Otter Club; Trainer; Ed Walker

Open Maiden

Division 1 (Tony Glynn Scaffolding)

1 Sedgemoor Top Bid (Jamie Thomas) 12-1 disputed lead 15th, close 2nd last, led near finish
2 Follow The Paint (David Noonan) 4-1 led 8th, joined 15th, slight lead last til headed near finish
3 Bollin Spark (Hedley Webb) 25-1 chased leaders from 14th, took 3rd apprg last, fin strongly
9 ran; 1/2l; 1/2l; 6m 40s
Owner; Miss Danny Kenealy; Trainer; Joe Tickle

Division 2 (Tessa Clarke, West Kington Stud)

1 Nudge The Nugget (Heidi Lewis) 10-1 with leaders, stayed on to lead last 50 yards
2 Kit Hill (Jo Buck) 2-1 fav prom. led four out, wide bend after next, slight lead last, headed last 50 yards
3 Rainbow Stripes (Robbie Henderson) 9-4 hdwy three out, outpaced next, fin strongly
9 ran; 1l; 3/4l; 6m 55s
Owner: Mr & Mrs David Lewis; Trainer: Maria Lewis

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Leading male rider: Peter Pearn Memorial Cup

Robbie Henderson 102 points
Darren Edwards 74 points
Will Biddick 63 points

Leading lady rider: JG Kellock Memorial Cup

Bryony Frost 64 points
Leanda Tickle 50 points
Vicky Wade 27 points

Leading male novice rider:

Chester Williams 22 points
David Noonan 21 points
Ciaran Gethings 11 points

Leading lady novice rider:

Megan Nicholls 22 points
Hannah Welch 14 points
Natalie Parker 12 points

Leading owner: GK Probert Cup :

Jimmy Frost 36 points

Owner/rider most points on one horse: Silver Ransome Cup;

Sarah Dennis Print the Money 7 points

Leading veteran rider: Orchard Cup;  ——  (no claimants received)

Leading horse:  Axminster Carpets Cup

Roger Knowles Byerley Bear 25 points

Leading novice horse: Little Vanity Cup:

Shared between five:

Master Hooper Mrs J E Purdie 8 points
Whispering Wild The Notso Innocent Partnership, Mike Watson 8 points
Ambitious Pursuit Mrs L Glanville 8 points
Carheney River Mrs K Heard & Mr M Evans 8 points
O’Flo Mrs C Lawrence & Ms K Lawrence 8 points

Leading mare ; Cornish Princess Cup;

Whenharrymetsally Mrs Hannah Broggio 14 points

Leading veteran horse –  Anjubi Trophy:

Ned White Mrs Jacqui Elliott 11 points

Owner/breeder: Seal Marine Trophy

Carol Lawrence 10 points

Leading owner/rider/trainer: HJ Widdicombe Memorial:

Sarah Dennis Print the Money 7 points

Rider gaining most points at single meeting: Prideaux Horse Trophy:

Robbie Henderson 14 points at Dulverton Farmers

Bookmakers Trophy Rider longest official SP reside in area:  Devon & Cornwall BPA;

Michael Heard It’s All or Nothing 33-1 Eggesford

Western Morning News Trophy – best individual performance

Robert Chanin Achieved a remarkable feat of sending out seven winners from his first eight runners of the season with four separate horses



(4 points winner; 2 points second; 1 point third – Devon & Cornwall Area meetings only)



Robbie Henderson      102 points

Darren Edwards          74 points

Will Biddick                63 points

Jamie Thomas              47 points

Michael Heard             37 points

Tom Chanin                37 points



Bryony Frost               60 points

Leanda Tickle              50 points

Vicky Wade                 27 points

Megan Nicholls           22 points

Jo Buck                        14 points

Hannah Welch             14 points



Chester Williams         22 points

David Noonan             15 points

Ciaran Gethings          11 points

Jake Bament                7 points




Megan Nicholls           22 points

Hannah Welch             14 points

Natalie Parker              12 points

Pippa Glanville           10 points

Taylor Pook                8 points

Harriett Skinner          8 points

Devon & Cornwall Point-To-Point Area Jockeys Standings 2014


(4 points winner; 2 points second; 1 point third – Devon & Cornwall Area meetings only)


Robbie Henderson      88 points

Darren Edwards           68 points

Will Biddick               56 points

Jamie Thomas              47 points

Michael Heard             36 points

Tom Chanin                 35 points



Bryony Frost                56 points

Leanda Tickle              47 points

Vicky Wade                 27 points

Jo Buck                         14 points

Megan Nicholls           14 points

Hannah Welch             14 points



Chester Williams         22 points

Ciaran Gethings           10 points

David Noonan              10 points

Joe Drinkwater             6 points



Megan Nicholls           14 points

Hannah Welch             14 points

Natalie Parker              12 points

Pippa Glanville            10 points

Taylor Pook                 8 points


(4 points winner; 2 points second; 1 point third – Devon & Cornwall Area meetings only)

Robbie Henderson 80 points
Darren Edwards. 52 points
Will Biddick 52 points
Jamie Thomas​ 41 points

Bryony Frost​ 48 points
Leanda Tickle​ 41 points
Vicky Wade​ 27 points
Jo Buck. ​​14 points

Chester Williams. ​18 points
Ciaran Gethings. ​​10 points
David Noonan​​ 9 points
Joe Drinkwater​​ 8 points

Hannah Welch ​14 points
Pippa Glanville ​ 10 points
Natalie Parker​ 8 points​
Taylor Pook ​8 points


(Please advise if any queries on Devon & Cornwall championships)

RESULTS: Stevenstone Point-To-Point, Vauterhill, 5th May 2014

Going: Good becoming good to soft with soft patches

Hunt race – Stevenstone & Torrington Farmers joint (Sponsor Brian Adams)

1 Whispering Wild (Rob Hawker) evens fav
2 Justforthebuzz (Chester Williams) 9-1
4 ran – only two finished; 2l; 6m 40s
Trainer: Michael Watson


Restricted (TT Buildings Ltd)

1 Harry’s Kap (Ed Barrett) evens fav
2 King Kash (Jamie Thomas) 2-1
3 Pasternak Jack (Jake Bament) 7-1
5 ran; 25l; 5l; 6m 27s
Trainer: Ray Alford


Mixed Open (holidaycottages.co.uk)

1 Steeltown (Jamie Thomas) 10-11 fav
2 Googoobarabajagal (Michael Heard) 8-1
3 Numide (Ciaran Gethings) 8-1
5 ran: 15l; 10l; 6m 13s
Trainer: Kayley Woollacott


Confined (Kivells)

1 Ned White (Tom Chanin) 5-2
2 Print the Money (Sarah Dennis) 6-4 fav
3 Cottage Acre (Rob Hawker) 7-4
4 ran; 1l; 1l; 6m 18s
Trainer: Robert Chanin


Intermediate (EJ Wade & Son, Bradworthy)

1 Whenharrymetsally (Matthew Hampson) 3-1
2 Soul Native (Vicky Wade) 2-1 fav
3 My Rebel (Leanda Tickle) 5-2
8 ran; 1l; 1l; 6m 23s
Trainer: Keith Cumings


Open Maiden (ProCam)

1 Carheney River (Rob Hawker) 4-1
2 O’Flo (Bryony Frost) 16-1
3 Way Before Dawn (Leanda Tickle) evens fav
12 ran: 30l; 2l; 6m 23s
Trainer: Karyn Heard



(4 points winner; 2 points second; 1 point third – Devon & Cornwall Area meetings only)



Robbie Henderson      76 points

Darren Edwards           52 points

Will Biddick               47 points

Jamie Thomas              34 points



Bryony Frost                44 points

Leanda Tickle              39 points

Vicky Wade                 25 points

Jo Buck                         14 points



Chester Williams         16 points

Ciaran Gethings           9 points

David Noonan              9 points

Joe Drinkwater             8 points




Hannah Welch             13 points

Natalie Parker              8 points

Taylor Pook                 8 points

Laura Scott                   5 points

RESULTS: Axe Vale Point-To-Point, Stafford Cross, Sunday, 27th April 2014

Going: Good to soft, becoming soft

Hunt race (Sponsor; Beviss & Beckingsale Solicitors)
1 Minutes Later (Danny Burton) 4-1
2 Miss Cupcake (Will Biddick) 2-5 fav
3 ran; only two finished; 1 3/4l; 6m 30s
Trained by Ed Walker

Confined (J & FJ Baker & Co Ltd – Harry Parr Memorial Cup)
1Level Spirit (Robbie Henderson) 2-1
2 Notus de la Tour (Tom Chanin) 11-8 fav
3 Rush N Roll (Michael Legg) 12-1
5 ran; 2l; 15l; 6m 4s
Trained by Ed Walker

Mixed Open (Lee Clifford Engineering for the Graham Hollingworth Memorial Cup)
1 Minella Fifty (Will Biddick) 4-7 fav
2 Foynes Island (Rob Hawker) 7-2
4ran; only two finished; won by a distance; 6m 9s
Trained by Claire Hitch

Intermediate (Matford Land Rover – PF Penny Memorial Cup)
1 Brackenwood (Bryony Frost) 7-4 fav
2 Roseyroo (David Prichard) 9-2
3 Fresh’s Fever (Jamie Thomas) 12-1
8 ran; neck; 25l; 6m 1s
Trained by Nikki Frost

Novice Riders’ (Lentells Chartered Accountants – Graham Stuart Memorial Trophy)
1 Join Together (Megan Nicholls) 1-2 fav
2 Barneys Mate (Philip Miller) 4-1
3 Francis du Mesnil (Lucy Mager) 20-1
7 ran; 1 3/4l; 5l; 6m 8s
Trained by Rose Loxton

Restricted (Martin Diplock – Ruth Wilmington Memorial Cup)
1 Midnight Breeze (Ciaran Gethings) 100-30
2 Donpierre (Ben Robarts) 11-4 fav
3 Spot the Grey (Darren Edwards) 7-2
8 ran; neck ; 12l; 6m 14s
Trained by Ollie Bush

Open Maiden (Scott Rowe Solicitors- Stan Sweetland Memorial Cup)
1 The Eaglehaslanded (Will Biddick) 8-11 fav
2 Garden Whispers (Danny Burton) 10-1
3 Golden Squirell (Rob Hawker) 4-1
10 ran; 10l; 1 1/2l; 6m 20s
Trained by Paul Nicholls


AT last this season we were able to enjoy sunshine from a clear blue sky at ChipleyPark. However it was not all plain sailing with lashings of mud around the bookies and paddock which made wellington boots the essential fashion accessory.  

A total of 108 runners contested the 10 races with soft going putting a premium on stamina. All credit to the organisers in defeating the endless wet spell to provide quality racing on soft going which attracted several long distance travellers.“We even had to drain the bottom bend with six inch pipes after it rained again on Saturday night,” said secretary Keith Granger.

The Mixed Open attracted 17 runners which saw champion jockey Will Biddick displaying his artistry with a smooth success on Certain Flight. Backed from 7’s to 4’s, Biddick saved every inch of ground on the rails until edging his mount ahead of the game front running All Great N Theory in the home straight. Keith Cumings trains Certain Flight for owners Richard and Tina Dunsford, and was quick to pay tribute to the rider. “He was given a lovely ride. I was not sure how he would cope with the ground. He has got to go hunter chasing now.” said the trainer, whose daughter Nicky is credited with doing all the work at home and, “won’t let anybody else ride him,” according to the Bishops Nympton trainer.

The Devon mare Lucette Annie revelled in the conditions to score on her seasonal debut in the Mares race. Despite drifting in the betting, the consistent 10-year-old made virtually all and drew away from Popaway and Champagne Rosie over the last two fences to win decisively.” I didn’t really want to make the running,” said winning jockey Darren Edwards. The mare looked really on song and now heads to the valuable Buckfastleigh Mixed Open she won last year. “Our gallops on the farm at Poundsgate have been waterlogged and we missed Wadebridge this year. She is a lot stronger and has done a lot of hill work” remarked Simon Partridge who trains the tough chestnut on behalf of owners Chris and Janet Humphrey.

Ottery St Mary based Ed Walker sent out his first runner of the season, Blazing Whale, to beat the heavily backed favourite Babeny Bridge in the 16-runner Intermediate in the hands of Robbie Henderson. “We have only just started because they all came in fat. Blazing Whale was a bit unlucky last year. He is a proper old fashioned chaser,” commented the trainer, who shares ownership in the Classic Cliché gelding with Francis Read.

Classic Cliché was also responsible for siring the Novice Riders’ winner Justabout, who is out of Cheltenham Gold Cup runner-up Dubacilla. The winner was ridden by Ciaran Gethings who forced his mount up to beat Tamatown and Barneys Mate in a blanket finish. Justabout won five times under rules but had been in the wilderness a bit since his last victory for Colin Tizzard over two years ago. “Colin told me he had no chance on soft ground,” laughed owner /trainer Gerald Greenway. “Ciaran works for Philip Hobbs and schooled him there the other day, but I ride him out at home,” proclaimed the 74-year-old trainer.

Thorverton trainer Robert Chanin saddled a remarkable seventh consecutive winner in the space of five weeks when For The Staff , owned by Roger Knowles and Annie Argyrides, stayed on well under Ian Chanin to win the Hunt Race. “We wanted to give him an easy race to start him off because he had a few hard races last year,” said the trainer, who has hunter chases in mind with a possible run at Buckfastleigh before t

The first division of the Restricted produced the closest finish of the day as Romassor and Un Ami fought out a neck and neck battle all the way up the final climb. It was the recent Wadebridge winner Romassor who was awarded the verdict by a short head under Tom David. “He is a big horse with an enormous stride who will keep on improving. He is the nearest horse I have had to Sericina,” said trainer Chloe Roddick, who went on to reveal that the progressive six-year-old is likely to return to France where he will run over fences for owners Steven Kemble and Patrick Atkinson.

Illicit Illusion initiated a double for jockey Sam Drinkwater and trainer Tom Lacey in the other Restricted division. The HeronIsland six-year-old, owned by the jockey’s father Paul, just held the sustained challenge of Whenharrymetsally to follow up his Barbury Castle Maiden victory. “This is a lovely course, it’s the first time I have ridden here,” said Sam who went on to complete the double on five-year-old Thedrinkymeister in the first Open Maiden which had to be divided on the day. “This horse is still a bit novicey,” remarked Alice Campbell, representing Tom Lacey who was away on a skiing holiday. Thedrinkymeister is another produce of HeronIsland out of a mare called Keel Row who won a couple of hurdle races for the Queen Mother.

Only two finished in the other division which went to the previously unraced Master Hooper, ridden by Matt Hampton. Julie Purdie owns and trains this sturdy home bred Kayf Tara six-year-old at Butterleigh, Devon. “He is still a bit burly and is the fourth winner out of Rempstone who won a point-to-point for us,” said Julie’s husband Sax.

The 15 runners for the concluding Maiden were despatched at 4.40 in gathering gloom. Big Georgie saw out the trip best under James Ridley to step up on his promising effort at Chaddesley Corbett. This strong gelding is trained by the jockey’s mother Heather for owner Alastair McLeish at Newent, Gloucestershire. “We do plenty of work and jumping over an old cross country course at home,” said the rider.


APPLAUSE FOR AMY was the subject of a minor gamble in the Hunt race (8-1 to 5-1). She hails from Mary Sanderson’s yard which sent out Jabiru to win this race five times, but there was little applause from her supporters as she made a bad mistake on the far side and trailed in a moderate fourth

UN AMI was backed from 9-4 into 7-4 in the first Restricted to follow up his Larkhill success. The French bred grey was touched off by a short head but looks sure to atone soon. His young rider Chester Williams shows considerable promise.

There was money for the winner CERTAIN FLIGHT ( 7’s into 4’s) and third placed HAMELDOWN TOR (10’s to 6’s) in the Mixed Open. Will Biddick gave Certain Flight the perfect ride and the gelding looks ready to follow up. Hameldown Tor stays extremely well and can pick up an Open this season.

BABENY BRIDGE was backed from 7-2 to 5-2 to maintain his unbeaten record in the Intermediate. I thought that the winner Blazing Whale got first run on him but he kept on and was far from disgraced in finishing runner up


Results of the Tiverton meeting


Westcountry Videos filmed the meeting, order on 01884 840403 or through the website later in the week at www.westcountryvideos.co.uk


The following photographers were at the meeting: Bath Photographic (Marcus Bath), Brian Armstrong, David Strange, Equus Prints (Stephen Wensley),John BeasleyPhil BrittSimon BurgessSporting Prints (Alun Sedgemore), Tim Holt and Turfpix (Tracy Roberts)


Sunday 2nd February, Mid Devon Point-To-Point, Black Forest Lodge. Entries for the Mid Devon close at 12 noon, Monday 27th January for the Point-To-Point and this Saturday for the pony racing.


Members race (Sponsor – Stags)

1 For The Staff (Ian Chanin) 4-7 fav

2 Lord Samson (Josh Guerriero) 5-2

3 Edeiff’s Lad (Josh Newman) 25-1

5 ran; 3l; 6l;  6m 45s

Trainer: Robert Chanin

Restricted Division 1 (Agrii)

1 Romassor (Tom David) 9-4

2 Un Ami (Chester Williams) 7-4 fav

3 Gosser Time (Joe Ponting) 50-1

10 ran; short head – 10l;  6m 50s

Trainer; Chloe Roddick

Restricted Division 2 (Pennymoor Timber)

1 Illicit Illusion (Sam Drinkwater) 9-4 fav

2 Whenharrymetsally (Will Biddick( 16-1

3 Boardwalk Empire (Tom Ellis) 7-2

11 ran; 3/4l; 6l;  6m 45s

Trainer: Tom Lacey

Mixed Open (Matford Land Rover & family of the late John Pearcey)

1 Certain Flight (Will Biddick)

2 All Great N Theory (David Renney) 18-1

3 Hameldown Tor (Robbie Henderson) 6-1

17 ran; 2l; 6l;  6m 41s

Trainer: Keith Cumings

PPORA Club Novice Riders’ (Dodson & Horrell)

1 Justabout (Ciaran Gethings) 16-1

2 Tamatown (Alastair Harvey) 5-1

3 Barneys Mate (Christopher Barber) 9-4 fav

10 ran; 1 1/4l; 1l;  6m 56s

Trainer: Gerald Greenway

Intermediate (Exeter Racecourse)

1 Blazing Whale (Robbie Henderson) 8-1

2 Babeny Bridge (Lizzie Kelly 5-2 fav

3 Paddycards (Claire Hart) 8-1

16 ran; 1 1/2l; 6l;  6m 43s

Trainer: Edward Walker

Club Members Mares & Fillies (Hartnoll Hotel & The Thoroughbred Breeders Association Countryside Alliance)

1 Lucette Annie (Darren Edwards) 6-5 fav

2 Popaway (Joe Docker) 5-1

3 Champagne Rosie (Will Biddick) 11-8

6 ran; 5l; 7l;  6m 53s

Trainer: Simon Partridge

Open Maiden Division 1 (Mount Pleasant Inn)

 Part 1

1 Master Hooper (Matt Hampton) 7-2

2 Desert Sting (Ed Glassonbury) 7-2

9 ran won by a distance – only two finished; 7m 2s

Trainer: Julie Purdie

Part 2

1 Thedrinkymeister (Sam Drinkwater) 5-4 fav

2 Mangans Turn (Jack Barber) 6-1

3 Driftwood Haze (Evan David) 8-1

9 ran; 1 1/2l; distance;  6m 52s

Trainer: Tom Lacey

Open Maiden Division 2 (Steve Marsh & friends of the late Robin Barwell)

1 Big Georgie (James Ridley)

2 Bamboleo (Will Telfer) 5-2 fav

3 Corton Ridge (WillBiddick) 8-1

15 ran; 2 1/2l; 6l;  6m 52s

Trainer: Heather Ridley