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Update: Silverton Point-To-Point, Black Forest Lodge -18th January 2015

19th January 2015

Thank you to all the volunteers who have been treading in today also a big thanks to our clerk of course Norman for spending many hours rolling the course ,paddock and car parks! And has reported tonight he is very happy at the way its gone back.

17th January 2015, 1pm Saturday.
Clerk of Course has walked and given going as Soft ,good to soft in places. No frost and the sun is shinning!

See you all tomorrow for some cracking Racing!

16th January 2015
Good drying day

12th January 2015
Going is Good to soft ,soft in places.

9th January 2015

Linda Courtney reports the going at Black Forest Lodge last Sunday was good to soft.

The Next update will be on Sunday afternoon.

Entries close this Sunday (11th) at 10pm, entries should be preferably Emailed to linda courtney at paulandlinda@live.co.uk with completed entry form rather then phoned in! Also I have no fax.


Update: North Cornwall Point to Point Sunday 11th at Wadebridge, first race 11.30am


5 January 2015: The North Cornwall Point-To-Point secretary, Sonia Warren, reports the current going is good to soft. 80 entries suggesting competitive racing. Open Maiden already divided into two divisions. Entries from Jack Barber and Lucy Tucker and also from Wales, Hampshire, The Cotswolds in addition to entries from our local yards. The successful Byerly Bear returns to defend his title in the Ladies Open. Don’t miss out on the action. Many local ladies are baking so lots of goodies available for sale in the big barn. Bar and bookies too!

Useful Information:

Met Office 5 day forecast: Wadebridge, 1.3 miles from PL27 7JE

BBC Travel News: Cornwall and Devon

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Black Forest Club update – 26th November 2015


26th November 2015

Linda Courtney reports following a course inspection yesterday that the going is now good to soft, soft in places.

We have replaced some fences this year with new metal framed ones. We kept warm for a few hours with the old ones!

Old Fences
Some old Black Forest Lodge Fences have been replaced with new metal ones for this season

Also travel problems. I have this morning just driven back from Cardiff – there re roadworks on M5 below Bristol, two lots for a few miles with average speed cameras (50 mph) and another set past Exeter, in the area known as Splatford Split (Kennford) end of motorway (50mph) where you take the left lane for the A380 and the Black Forest Lodge course.

Useful Information:

Met Office 5 day forecast: Exe Estuary, 2.7 miles from EX6 8HR at the same altitude

BBC Travel News: Devon

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South Tetcott Point-To-Point, Upcott Cross Bank Holiday Monday, 26th May update

15 May: Update for the South Tetcott Point to Point meeting Bank Holiday Monday 26th May:

The ground as at Thursday is currently good to soft and soft in places. All fences have been moved onto fresh ground with a new racing line. With showers forecast for next week we are not anticipating having to water.

Please can I remind everyone of the new race times, Pony Racing starts at 12 noon and 1st Point to Point race is at 1pm, both an hour earlier than last year.

Matthew Brooks

South Tetcott Point-To-Point Secretary

Dulverton West Point-To-Point, Bratton Down, update

The upto date going on saturday night is good to soft and will be kept upto date on talking point, and facebook very regularly.

Good covering of grass and a great place to enter your horse!

Pony Racing 11.45am and first point 1pm

Claire Hitch, secretary


Going: Good to Soft

Hunt members’ (Cornish Times, Liskeard)
1 Fountains Cloud (Leanda Tickle) 9-4 fav
2 Talland Bay (Geoff Barfoot-Saunt) 10-1
3 Lucius Fabeo (Olivia Hutchings) 25-1
9 ran; 8l; 3 1/2l; 7mins 7secs

Open Maiden, 4 and 5-year-olds only, 2m 4f (St Austell Brewery, Cornwall)
1 Theatre Goer (Ian Chanin) 7-2
2 What About Will (Vicky Wade) 11-4 fav
3 Silver Sam (Robbie Henderson) 6-1
9 ran; 1/2l; 4l; 5m 57s

Open Maiden, 4 to 7-year-olds only, 2m 4f (Jamaica Inn & Dawe, Hawkwn & Dodd)
Division 1
1 Drom Rua (Darren Edwards) 5-2 fav
2 Evaweld (Rob Hawker) 33-1
3 Pats Big Boy (Tom Chanin) 10-1
12 ran; 15l; 2l; 5m 46s

Division 2
1 Sykes (Darren Edwards) 4-1
2 Way Before Dawn (Leanda Tickle) 4-1
3 Wivannie (Bryony Frost) 10-1
13 ran; 4 1/2l; 5l; 5m 47s

Mixed Open (Roger Young, Saltash)
1 Blazing Whale (Robbie Henderson) 3-1
2 Wee Fly (Bryony Frost) 9-1
3 Byerley Bear (Leanda Tickle) 2-5 fav
5 ran; 4l; 16l; 7m 3s

PPORA Novice Riders’ (Dodson & Horrell)
1 Shalimar Fromentro (Chester Williams) evens fav
2 Fiulin (David Noonan) 10-1
3 Ladyvie (Hannah Welch) 6-1
9 ran; 3l; 4l; 6m 57s

Intermediate(Exeter Racecourse)
1 Kings Bench (Robbie Henderson) 6-4
2 Shanann Star (Darren Edwards) evens fav
3 Blinding Lights (Matt Hampton) 4-1
4 ran; 1/2l; 7l; 6m 59s

Restricted (Blackburns Metals Ltd, Plympton)
1 Whenharrymetsally (Matt Hampton) 5-2
2 My Rebel (Leanda Tickle) 4-1
3 Otis Tarda (Rob Hawker) 16-1
9 ran; 1l; distance; 7m 1s

Confined (Jeffery’s Estate Agents, Cornwall)
1 Numide (Michael Heard) 4-1
2 Great Gusto (Bryony Frost) 4-9 fav
3 Jopero (Hannah Welch) 7-2
4 ran; 5l; 3l; 7m 6s

Spooners & West Dartmoor Point-To-Point, Cherrybrook update

30 March 2014
The Clerk of the Course said on Sunday evening that the going was good to soft. A further update will be made Tuesday evening after the course inspection.

28 March 2014
Cherrybrook Point to Point on Sunday April 6th, first race 1pm.

The Clerk of the Course reported on Friday 28th March that the going is good to soft at the moment.

Fortunately the team managed to get on the course early on Monday morning after the Kilworthy meeting to ‘make good’ the ground on the 2 shared fences.

The course inspector will view the course on Tuesday evening and going will be updated on TalkingPoint after that.

Gate charges: £10 car & driver ,+ £5 for each adult passenger

The entries secretary will be at Great Trethew but intends to leave at about 4pm to get home to take entries by phone


Good To Soft


Hunt Race: (Sponsor – Pannell Commercials)

1 Jennys Layla (Vicky Wade) 6-4

2 Tres Bien (Jamie Thomas) 1-2 fav

2 ran; 2 1/2l;  6m 56s


Open Maiden Div 1: (Friends & family of Yvonne Watson & M A Bickell)

1 Maidstone Mercury (Ed Barrett) 8-1

2 Aah Bless (Tim Hampton) 16-1

3 Wood Park (Leo Mahon) 5-1

14 ran; 1 1/2l; short head;  6m 42s


Open Maiden Div 2 (Langdon Transport Ltd)

1 Raffa (John Mathias) 7-4 fav

2 Derniere Dance (Josh Guerriero) 9-1

3 Boymann (Conor Smith) 14-1

12 ran; 6l; 2l;  6m 45s


Mixed Open: (Condy Mathias)

1 Aitenn Thirtythree (Natale Parker) 6-1

2 Double Bank (Merv Woodward) 7-4

3 Kirkleigh (Tom Chanin) 11-8 fav

8 ran; head; 1/2l;  6m 30s


Confined: (Dawn West Devon)

1 Cottage Acre (Bryony Frost) 6-1

2 Tugboat (Josh Guerriero) 2-1 fav

3 Gershwinner (Merv Woodward) 8-1

10 ran; 1 1/2l; short head; 6m 36s


Restricted: (Tinhay Building Supplies Ltd)

1 Annie Aces (Michael Heard) 14-1

2 Lord Samson (Darren Edwards) 12-1

3 Gontdevon (Tom Chanin) 7-1

15 ran;  short head; 6l;  6m 34s


Intermediate: (Exeter Racecourse)

1 Bradley Brook (Darren Edwards) 9-1

2 Thetalkinghorse (Matt Hampton) 5-4 fav

3 Brackenwood (Bryony Frost) 7-2

7 ran; 4l; 2l;  6m 46s


Going: Good, Good to Soft in places

Confined (The Green Waste Company)

1 Welstonedruid (Ian Chanin) 1-2 fav

2 Great Gusto (Bryony Frost) 6-1

3 Miracle House (Darren Edwards) 7-1

5 ran; 1/2l; 2l;  6m 19s

Trainer: Robert Chanin

Ladies’ Open (AGA)

1 Byerley Bear (Leanda Tickle) 2-5 fav

2 King of Alcatraz 11-4

3 Wee Fly (Bryony Frost) 4-1

3 ran; 4l; 15l;  6m 12s

Trainer: Robert Chanin

Intermediate (Exeter Racecourse)

1 Sobre Tresor (Taylor Pook) 5-2

2 Lightening Jack (Jamie Thomas) 6-4 fav

3 Tandori (Joshua Newman) 16-1

7 ran; 6l; 4l;  6m 15s

Trainer: Chloe Newman

Open Maiden (Savills Cornwall)

Division 1

1 Samgram (Bryony Frost) 2-1

2 Dusky (Leanda Tickle) 10-1

3 Plug in baby (Michael Heard)7-2

8 ran; 9l; 1 1/2l;  6m 34s

Trainer: Nikki Frost

Division 2

1 Fivefortyfive (Robbie Hendeerson) 5-2

2 Kilcolman Wizard (Michael Heard) 6-1

3 Indian Dancer (Darren Edwards) 12-1

8 ran; 8l; 20l;  6m 27s

Trainer: Ed Walker

Men’s Open (Mr and Mrs Peter George)

1 Bellflower Boy (Jamie Thomas) 3-1

2 For The Staff (Ian Chanin)13-8

5 ran; only two finished; 25l;  6m 11s

Trainer: Stuart Sampson

Restricted (Stimson & Tieken)

1 Sir Watty (Darren Edwards) 12-1

2 Ratline Rosie (Jamie Thomas) 3-1

3 Johny No Cash (Robbie Henderson)5-2

7 ran; 2l; 4l;  6m 19s

Trainer: Philip Rogers