Devon & Cornwall Point-To-Point yards
National Hunt yards located in Devon & Cornwall
Point-To-Point & National Hunt yards in Wessex
Yards in other areas who enter Devon & Cornwall Point-To-Points


Devon & Cornwall Trainers


Trainer Photograph Website / Social Media Related Articles Horses
Julia Batho Julia Batho  2013-14 Entries

Marcella Bayliss Marcella Bayliss Jumping for fun trainers entry  2013-14 Entries

Claire Bellamy Claire Bellamy  2013-14 Entries

Richard Bevis Richard Bevis  2013-14 Entries

Will Biddick Will Biddick  2013-14 Entries

Tony Boon Tony Boon  2013-14 Entries

Dermont Brown Dermont Brown  2013-14 Entries

David Bryant David Bryant  Whitley Farm Rehabilitation and Training  2013-14 Entries

Ollie Bush Ollie Bush  2013-14 Entries

Grant Cann Grant Cann  2013-14 Entries

Gordon Chambers Gordon Chambers 2013-14 Entries

Robert Chanin Robert Chanin Trainer featureFeature on
Jumping for fun trainers entry
2013-14 Entries

Reuben Chapman Reuben Chapman    2013-14 Entries

Jimmy Cole Jimmy Cole  2013-14 Entries

Keith & Janet Cumings Keith & Janet Cummings K.J. & J.M. Cumings Racing Facebook Page Profile
Feature on
2013-14 Entries

Francis Daniels Francis Daniels  2013-14 Entries

Edward Darke Edward Darke  2013-14 Entries

Imogen Darke Imogen Darke  2013-14 Entries

Jill Dennis Jill Dennis 2013-14 Entries

Sarah Dennis Sarah Dennis  2013-14 Entries

Nikki Frost Nikki Frost  Profile 2013-14 Entries

Jimmy Frost Jimmy Frost  2013-14 Entries

Lucy Gardner Lucy Gardner 2013-14 Entries

Lee Glanville Lee Glanville  2013-14 Entries

Pauline & Tony Geering Pauline Geering 2013-14 Entries

Polly Gundry Polly Gundry  2013-14 Entries

Ian Hargreaves Ian Hargreaves  2013-14 Entries

Neil Harris Neil Harris Trainer feature 2013-14 Entries

Gail Haywood Gail Haywood Profile 2013-14 Entries

John Heard John Heard  2013-14 Entries

Karyn Heard Kayrn Heard  2013-14 Entries

Gordon Herrod Gordon Herrod  2013-14 Entries

Claire Hitch Claire Hitch Jumping for fun trainers entry 2013-14 Entries

Sam Holdsworth Sam Holdsworth 2013-14 Entries

Julie Hooper Julie Hooper  2013-14 Entries

Jazmin Hosgood Jazmin Hosgood  2013-14 Entries

Olivia Hutchings Olivia Hutchings  2013-14 Entries

Ollie Jackson Ollie Jackson  2013-14 Entries

Leslie Jefford Leslie Jefford ProfileFeature on 2013-14 Entries

Becky Kennen Becky Kennen  2013-14 Entries

Carol Lawrence Carol Lawrence  2013-14 Entries

Emma Loosemore Emma Loosemore  2013-14 Entries

Lizzie Luxton Lizzie Luxton Lizzie Luxton Eventing & Racing 2013-14 Entries

Maria Lewis Maria Lewis Trainer Feature  2013-14 Entries

Thomas Malone Thomas Malone  2013-14 Entries

William McColl William McColl  2013-14 Entries

Steve McCracken Steve McCracken  2013-14 Entries

Katherine Mead Katherine Mead  2013-14 Entries

  • N/A
Richard Mitford-Slade Richard Mitford-Slade  2013-14 Entries

Pippa Moorhouse Pippa Moorhouse  2013-14 Entries

Verity Nicholls Verity Nicholls  2013-14 Entries

Katherine Northcott Katherine Northcott  2013-14 Entries

Emma Oliver Emma Oliver  2013-14 Entries

Ross Oliver Ross Oliver  2013-14 Entries

Rosemary Partridge Rosemary Partridge  2013-14 Entries

Simon Partridge Simon Partridge  2013-14 Entries

Paul Phillips Paul Phillips  2013-14 Entries

Patrick Picton-Warlow Patrick Picton-Warlow  2013-14 Entries

Patricia Pollington Patricia Pollington  2013-14 Entries

Sarah Pidsley Sarah Pidsley  2013-14 Entries

Caroline Prouse Caroline Prouse  2013-14 Entries

Sarah Prouse Sarah Prouse  2013-14 Entries

Julie Purdie Julie Purdie  2013-14 Entries

Mark Ranger Mark Ranger  2013-14 Entries

Stewart Reddaway Stewart Reddaway  2013-14 Entries

Eddie Rice Eddie Rice  2013-14 Entries

Phillip Rogers Phillip Rogers  2013-14 Entries

Charlotte Rowe Charlotte Rowe  2013-14 Entries

Stafford Sampson Stafford Sampson  2013-14 Entries

Stuart Sampson S. J. Sampson 2013-14 Entries

Mary Sanderson Mary Sanderson  2013-14 Entries

Faye Short Faye Short  2013-14 Entries

Lisa Smale Lisa Smale  2013-14 Entries

Rebecca Smale Rebecca Smale  2013-14 Entries

Camilla Scott Camilla Scott 2013-14 Entries

Pat Shaw Pat Shaw  2013-14 Entries

Joanne Sleep Joanne Sleep  2013-14 Entries

Roy Smith Roy Smith  2013-14 Entries

Angela Stephens Angela Stephens  2013-14 Entries

Dean & Emma Summersby ProfileJumping for fun trainers entry  2013-14 Entries

Edward Swaffield Edward Swaffield  2013-14 Entries

Heather Sweetland Heather Sweetland  2013-14 Entries

Michael Sweetland Michael Sweetland  2013-14 Entries

Joe Tickle Joe Tickle  2013-14 Entries

Charlotte Treleaven Charlotte Treleaven  2013-14 Entries

Lucinda Tylor Lucinda Tylor  2013-14 Entries

Mike Vanstone Mike Vanstone 2013-14 Entries

Edward Walker Edward Walker ProfileFeature on  2013-14 Entries

michael M Watson Michael M Watson  2013-14 Entries

Sheila Watson Sheila Watson  2013-14 Entries

Michael Weir Michael Weir  2013-14 Entries

Rebecca Welch Rebecca Welch  2013-14 Entries

Sharon Westwood Jess Westwood Racing & Westwood Pointing  2013-14 Entries

  • N/A
jane Williams Jane Williams  2013-14 Entries

Merv Woodward Merv Woodward  2013-14 Entries

Kayley Woollacott nee Jones Kayley Woollacott ProfileFeature on Open Day2014 Open Day 2013-14 Entries


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